A Teenage Heart

How you ever have a teenage heart, that's fills with Hate,anger,and sadness? Well maybe here's a story about a 19 year old, girl name Emmi Parks, whose enemy is Niall Horan.


12. Part 10

_________Niall P.O.V___________
"Well I just told you, it's", she stopped,I knew she was going to pick Chase, but i didn't want to hear her,so I tried swim away, but then she grabbed my wrist. "Niall I didn't finished" she said, "I know your going to pick Chase Em's so I'm just going to go, good luc-",then she interrupted me, "Niall, it's you, Alyson told me to follow my heart where ever it goes and who should it belong to, and my heart followed you, I love you Niall, and I always will", she said pulling me closer to her. Then she put her arms around my neck again and she lay her head on my chest, I put my arms around her waist again, I kissed her forehead, "I love you too, will you go out with me, but you gonna break up with Chase right?" I said, she laugh, "well yes I will go out with you, and yes I am". "I will be there when you break up with him, and if he hurts you or anything", I said, kissing her lips, then she kissed me back. Then of coarse Harry splash us and said "Eww get a room,you too" "Haz how are we suppose to find a room in the middle of the ocean, and on the beach", said Emmi, "Nialler, your girlfriend is being mean to me do something", said Harry acting like a five year old. "Oh Haz my girlfriend is not mean she's adorable", I said kissing her nose,"thanks Nialler" she said kissing my cheek. After we got out of the water, and made our music videos, we did the song, As Long as you Love me by JB, then I told Em's "hey do you forgive us now", "yeah I forgive you guys", she said then I gave the guys the thumbs up, they all cheered, then she laughed, "as a bonus as your treat come to the park tonight and wear something comfortable", I said, "okay,but can you come with me at my house and come with me to Chase house I'm a bit scared", she said laying her head in my shoulder, "yes,Liam drove us anyways so I can come with you, and don't be scared I will be protecting you", I said hugging her.
_________Emmi's P.O.V_________
As we came to my house, I came in and see my sister there, but she's not here. Thank god, as I made my way to my room, I got dress, I wore a black fitted dress that goes above my knees, and a denim Jacket, I wore stockings, with cute white converse high-tops. I quickly curled my hair and take a piece from the side if my hair and put bobby pin it to the back. Then I grabbed my phone,money, and grabbed my purse and head down stairs. I notice that Niall wasn't there or the living room, I heard sounds from the kitchen. I walked in there, and saw Niall eating, "seriously Niall, we were about to go to the park and your eating", "hey what can I say I'm the hungry type, and---------" he paused by turning around and looked at me, "wow you look beautiful, and you look stunning without any make-up on", he said, I blushed like an apple. "I forgot to put on make-up", I said "well glad you forget cause every girl is beautiful without make-up on, and you the beautiful one out of all of them",then I blushed again."shall we go,to Chase house", he asked me, oh crap, totally forgot about Chase break up, "yeah let's just get this over with", I said, walking to my car. As we got to Chase house,I was about to knock on his door till his window was open, I saw him with another girl then he kissed her, what he been cheating on me for one day.
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