A Teenage Heart

How you ever have a teenage heart, that's fills with Hate,anger,and sadness? Well maybe here's a story about a 19 year old, girl name Emmi Parks, whose enemy is Niall Horan.


21. chapter 21

A/N: hey guys just wanna say thank you who all read this story,and who like it,so just wanna let you know that this story is about to end the chapter soon:((((,probably on Monday in spring break,but don't be sad cause I think before spring break is over there will be a squel on the Teenage Heart. now lets get this story on the road shall we.


Emmi's P.O.V

  After,me and this guy I just ran into,Mason, he was nice,and making another new friend Evean she's nice,and getting a new job. As I walked back in the house and totally forgot that I signed into a University school, it's a dance academy,I would love to do soccer,but I've been dancing all my life. As I walked in the kitchen there was a yellow envelope on the counter, I walked toward it and it said

' To: Emmi Parks

From: University dance academy'

 its from my dream school, it was hard to get in this school,I even have to audition this Saturday, to see which class I need to be in. As I yelled for my Aunt and Uncle,they came from the elevator,I guess their security system was watching me in the kitchen.

"yes Emmi, what's the matter hun?",asked my Aunt, 

"its an evnvelope from that one college I always wanted to go to,and I wanna open it when I'm with you guys"

 Ad I open it,and it said:

"Dear Emmi Parks, 

we congrats you to audition for us in the Skyline studio,to see if you make it to college,and what level class your gonna be in.We hope that you could make it, we even have dorms for you to stay in,or you can just stay home, to save lots money. And plus, instead of learning alot of dancing, this college have every class you need to attend. For example, you need to attend biology,Algebra, Health, Language class and many more, Your dance class will be after your last class. There will be a meetin about what to wear in the dance class,and how much is your textbooks. We be looking forward for you in our audition on Saturday.

Sincerly, the principal/head Mistriss,

Tyra Tills" 

 I can't believe that writing alot of things on my rémuse, it finally payed off

"well congratulation Em's,you going to audition on Saturday,get alot of rest and hope that you make it",said my uncle.

As I was super excited about my audition, I got another phone call from another mystery person,

"ugh who could it be this time..."


"*breaths hard in a deep voice*"

"who is this?" I said then the line ended. What the? Then got another call its from Niall,


"Hey Em's Um where am I going to sleep" 

"um what are you talking about you guys going to sleep at my aunts mansion," I said 

"Well lets say your Aunt own a big flat", he said 

"Yeah it is--wait how do you know she owns a big flat" I said asked curious

"look outside your window"

"my window?" I said, then I looked and saw him with his bag and luggage, then I scream his name,because I was happy. 

"NIALL!!" I ran to the elevator and went to the 1st floor. And ran outside I jump in his arms, I cry on his shoulder, 

"Emmi,  why did you leave? I can't live without you", he said, breathing on my neck.

"I-i-I-I don't know, cause I can't live in that horrible place,cause I get bullied,and hate,and also betrayed all the time,and I can't live there anymore,doesn't feel like home"

"well now that you here with me,  I'm not letting you out of my sight young lady" he said, the. I giggled, I miss him, and It felt like the very first kiss we had at the beach,where the sunset perfectly,and the ocean is crystal blue, sparkles of the ocean when the sun sets, the sky form into a light orange mix with yellow, and pink. 

"Niall I love you don't you forget that" 

"I won't and I love don't forget that" he said kiss my nose. We walked back inside I introduce Niall with my Aunt and Uncle, we walked in my bedroom. 

"Your sleeping with me tonight I can't live without you", said Niall, putting his luggage down.

 Then I nodded its been like couple of hours without him,and now he's here and as I realize that where is the boys,and El,Dani and Perrie.

"hey wheres the rest of the people,you said your bringing my mom and dad who is now alive,and the rest"

"oh they will be here,I was too excited that I couldn't wait any longer,so I took a cab and now i'm here with you,and i wanna keep it that way",then he kissed me,with the most passionate kiss ever. Lets just say i'm really excited that Niall is here with me,but reminding me that horrible people is also here. God,I hope it won't go back what it use to be like.

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