A Teenage Heart

How you ever have a teenage heart, that's fills with Hate,anger,and sadness? Well maybe here's a story about a 19 year old, girl name Emmi Parks, whose enemy is Niall Horan.


20. chapter 20

Emmi's P.O.V

        As i got my list to what to wear for my new work tomorrow,I bumped into someone,

"oh i'm so sorry,I didn't pay attention to see where am I walking",I said, I looked down and see a guy about my age spilled coffee on himself.

"nah,its okay,I always get bumped,so whats your name dear", he said

"um My name is Emmi Parks,but people call me Em's and I moved here from England to New York cause um lets just say, its not where I wanna be right there", I said looking down.

"oh well hi my name is,Mason Matthews, and i'm from Florida,I move here because,it doesn't feel like home where I dont wanna be at", he said

"well I think mine is way more worse then that and its a long story",I said smiling making him giggled.

"c'mon lets sit on he bench and we can talk",he said, we walked to the park and we sat down. "okay now tell me what happen in England"

"well when I was little,my parents died in a car accident,and I was in the car,and I guess I was lucky to be alive,but then I have a friend he betrayed me with some of his new friends,and he broke my heart,but then I have two new friends,they used to have my back,but not anymore,you see this guy,Chase,hes was my friend who help me through my problems,One day my ex-friend who betrayed me,he wants to start all over again as friends,so I gave him a shot, We wet to the beach and it was one of my favorite memories we did together,then I kissed my ex-friend,Niall,and I guess he asked me out, ,then one day he asked me out,then I say yes,but then I went to Chase house to break up with him,but then I saw him and my other friend,Alyson kissed,then they told me our friendship was betrayal,and lies. I was mad,then after that my sister,Molly started to thraten me,and stabbed me,but shes way to slow to throw a knife, then when I stayed over my other friends house whose friends with Niall, I got a call from my father,he told me that he was alive all these years,and never came to visit me,Then the next day I couldn't take it anymore, I move here with my aunt and Uncle,then they told me another truth,my mother was alive also,they were protecting me,but you wouln't understand anything, its too complicated", I said turning my head down.

"oh im sorry",he said

"its okay,My Teenage Heart didn't belong there anyways", I said he looks all confused,

"oh um sorry, in England at my school,everyone has a Teenage heart,a Teenage heart is something has to do with your teenage life,like dram,horror,happy etc. like your personality, or whats its about", I said

"ohhhh,whats yours"

"mine is full with betrayal,hatred,lies,and some bad stuff can't explain, I said.

"well I didn't know there is something called a Teenage Heart,no one ever heard of that in this country",he said

"yeah cause this is the U.S. I use to live in the U.K. , but i'm not sure anymore"

"what so sure about?'

"My friends I told you about is coming tomorrow this afternoon, and if they stay,everything will be flipped again"

"which means?"

"everything will be the exactly the same like in the U.K."


looks like Emmi had a bad feeling about Niall and the rest coming to New York,and everything will be turned around,like exactly the same in the U.K. and she thought she starts a new fresh start again,but think again,when you read the next chapter

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