A Teenage Heart

How you ever have a teenage heart, that's fills with Hate,anger,and sadness? Well maybe here's a story about a 19 year old, girl name Emmi Parks, whose enemy is Niall Horan.


19. chapter 19

Emmi's P.O.V

"Emmi  are you there",said Niall,I was still shock,from Niall,that hes bringing me the people who lied to me and betrayted me,well except my parents,but also Chase and Alyson.

"Niall, have you notice that those aare the people,who lied to me all these past years",I said giving him a reminder

"well yeah,of couarse,but these are the people, that made you miserable in London,and made you moved to New York"

:I know,but I don't wanna see those people"

"c'mon they are going to apologize to you,and maybe things will go back to normal,you me dating,and chasing my drean to become a pop star,with the boys also. speaking of that we need a name for the boys when we become a band"

"Niall this is important okay, we will think about that later,but I think its till going to take alot more then a little sorry Niall,and I don't remember all the fun things I did, with Alyson and Chase, or my parents,but its there promblem not mine", I said.

"actually its yours,if your parents never didn't act the whole car accident you wouldn't have been betrayed all the time and lies,but if we haven't broken our friendship,then none of the betraying will happen, none of this wouldn't happen"

"Then I wouln't met Chase and Alyson they will be with Avery,all popular and stuff,I will be still friends with you, Thanks Nialler i think I need a time to cleared my mind",i said.

'well got to go,I need to get packing,I love you"

"I love you too Nialler', I said,while I kiss him on the phone,then hang up. I think I should search for a job.I got up and told my aunt and uncl going out,to find a job,I went to places,and I went to Hollister, my favorite place ever, I always wanted to be a model and stuff. I went int there, and went to the front counter.

"hi,i'm applying for a job", i said to the lighted brown hair girl,she looked up ,and said

"oh okay heres your application, and hi i'm Evean Tyler, I know its a guys name,but I like it", she said,

"hi im Emmi Parks, but people call me Em's for short and just move here from England to my Aunts house",I said shaking her hand,already made a new friend.

"hi Em's,i'm 19 how old are you"

"19 same age", i said, 'do you have a boyfriend"

"no can't find the right match",she said sighing

"well I do",man I sound so selfish and stuburn,"hey my boyfriend best friend,Harry,he's single, and same age and same hairl color like yours,pretty sure he will love to meet you he's coming here,tomorrow", I said rasing my eyebrows, trying to get Harry in a real relationship.

'really?! i would love to meet him",she said. Then we exchanged phone numbers,

"okay you got the job, you start here at 3 and I already made a new best friend",she said clapping her hands like a kis,myep I can totally imagine her and Harry together,perfect couple.

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