A Teenage Heart

How you ever have a teenage heart, that's fills with Hate,anger,and sadness? Well maybe here's a story about a 19 year old, girl name Emmi Parks, whose enemy is Niall Horan.


18. chapter 18

Emmi's P.O.V

  "okay heres the truth,about our family.."said my aunt Clhoe, "you were just a little kid, and I known you dad ever since a toddler,he said his dream was become a spy, the it came true,then he day at the accident, Your parents didn't tell you about being them as spies. so they planed to get in a car crash, it was just an act, they want you to know that they were pretending that their dead cause, they don't want you to get involved or get killed,so at the day,you were knocked out, then your mother,and father got you in the hospital your mother pretended to be dead while she was in the room, when you woke up,you walked in your parents hospital room, and you saw them pretending their dead,then you cried and went home. Then when they went home ,they left to go to California, then that's how it happen,your father told me everything", she said patting my hand,

"my father lied to me to keep me safe", I said, they nodded, "thanks for telling me the truth at least now you guys treat me what I always wanted,i'm going upstairs and unpacking,and changing my clothes", I said walking to the elevator,and throwning my bag on the bed. I kinda left my stuff back in London, Molly probably destroyed it already. I put all my clothes that I packed in my drawer, I was sleeping on the second floor, After i got changed in my new white sweater,and lack leggings,and wearing my beanie,for some reason its cold in New York. I grabbed my phone and downloaded all my apps and music, I still rememeber Niall Phone number, so maybe i should call him. I really miss him so much. I ialed his phone,then he picked up.

"hello?",he said in his sweet irish accents.

"Niall,its me Emmi"

"Emmi! Oh my god, why did you leave,I really miss you being here,please come back",he said about to cry,I hated when he cries.

"I can't Niall I dont belong there,its a hatred place there,alwaysbetrayled all the time,and lies,I can't make a better life there Niall i'm sorry"

"fine,then the only way to do this is im moving to New York,to stay with you",he said,I was shocked.

"Niall you don't have to leave the U.K. to see me,"

"well its too late me,and the guys and the girls is coming,to visti you", he said.

"fine,you guys can come i'm staying at my aunt house",I said,sounded a little happy.

"and we're bringing some people"

"and what people are?",I asked so confused.

"your not going to like this,its chase,Alyson,your dad,and we found out your mom is alive,so shes coming to see you"

".........",I didn't answered I was shocked,and paralyzed at the same time.

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