A Teenage Heart

How you ever have a teenage heart, that's fills with Hate,anger,and sadness? Well maybe here's a story about a 19 year old, girl name Emmi Parks, whose enemy is Niall Horan.


17. chapter 17

Niall P.O.V.

   I woke up in the morning,yawning, I was hungry,i know why don't i ask emmi, she makes the best waffles in the world. I went up to her room, and I didn't see her, and saw the bed all fixed. I guess shes downstairs making breakfast, I walkled downstairs,and didn't her in the living room,the t.v. was off, now i'm started to get worried, I walked in the kitchen,but nobodies there making breakfast, I saw a piece of sticky note on the refrigerator. I read it:

"Hey Niall,or Liam or Danielle, well I just wanna say that last night, I figured out that my father is alive,nd all these years he didn't bother coming see me, he is a agent,and he lied to me that he died. Well just wanna say that i'm sorry,I don't belong in LLondon,being betrayed all the time, I wish I have my phone so we can talk,but now since, i'm getting a new phone and changing my phone number, I guess, we will never keep in touch, i'm living with my aunt in New York city,  I think she needs to take care of me. I'm sorry Niall,but I don't wanna see you in tears,it will make me harder to leave to New York. and please don't bother coming to New York, I just nned time to start fresh in my life, I gotta go, got to catch my planr,its start at 6:00

Love and will always be,


 I can't believe she gone, leaving me, I ran to the backyard and see if shes there,I ran to the driveway and her car is gone. I ran inside I looked at the time it was 10:00, dang it, her plane already took off about four hours ago. I ran to Liam room, to wake him up,

"LIAM WAKE UP", I yelled shaking him,he groan and woke up, I ran to Danielle's room, I didn't even bother to gently wake her up,so I accidentally pushed her off the bed.

"DANI WAKE UP MEET ME IN THE LIVING ROOM", I yelled and ran downstairs. Liam and Danielle, walked downstairs all tired looking.

"what is it Niall, its like a Sunday morning", said Liam yawning.

"read this", I said giving them a note.

"Oh my,she took off to go to New York", said Danielle,

"I know, why did she have to go, I just got her back,and now I already lost her, why is this happening to her,it always got to be her", I said falling onto my knees.

"whose feeling like a three weeks vacation to New York",said Liam, I shot up, and said.

"we're going to get her back?", I said.

"we're going to get her back, c'mon call the guys,pack up, and lets hit it to New York city,but we need to have a little talk with four people", he said. four people? Whose the four people.


Emmi's P.O.V.

  Well,after I got off the Plane, I already called my aunt to pick me up. Then my aunt picked me up at the airport,

"ah Emmi, is that you? Oh my goodness you grown so much since the accident.", she said

"well nice to see you Aunt Chloe, and I'm sorry I haven't contacted you sooner, but my phone broke and I was going to get a new one when i get here", I said hugged her.

"well you can get a new phone while, we're going to my mansion", she said. Well yeah if you asked, um my Aunt Chloe is rich, my father sister, he said she is always spoiled all he time. As we get in the car, we headed to the Apple store,and got me a Iphone 5,I got a cute pink bunny case. After that,we went shopping,I got some new clothes. heres the website,of the sweater I got.


Then I got a cute floral pants,and a cute bow beanie. As we were done we decide to head home, when we got there, her mansion is like a three story house with an elevator. Then we head inside,I saw my uncle Jim.

"Emmi is that you,oh you look so grown,I remember when you were little you always grab a stool and trying to reach a wooden spoon when your about 5", said my Uncle Jim.

"thanks um guys can I speak to you", I said, they all nodded,and sat down.

"okay did you know that my dad is alive,and an agent",I said, then they were so confuse like I just got the wrong answer.

"yes we know and did he tell you that,your mother was alive,shes an agent just like you father.",said my uncle.

"um no my mom is dead",

"haha no sweet heart your mother and faher works as an agent"

"what? my father lied to me again,why didn't he tell me about my mom"

"okay heres the actual truth about the family.."

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