A Teenage Heart

How you ever have a teenage heart, that's fills with Hate,anger,and sadness? Well maybe here's a story about a 19 year old, girl name Emmi Parks, whose enemy is Niall Horan.


16. chapter 16

Emmi's P.O.V

    "hello", i answered it, then a deep echo voice, it doesn't sound like Chase,it doesn't sound like Alyson, or Molly, but its...

"Dad? wha-wha-wha-how are you alive? your dead", I said, how on the chocolate fudge did my father survived.

"Em's, I missed your voice and stuff, look, your mother didn't make it, I did", he said, I was about to cry to hear his voice again.

"this what happen, I can't meet you in person, cause i'm very far away then London",

Emmi's Dad P.O.V


"DADDY WATCH OUT!", as little Em's yelled, I stopped, but the car hit on the right side of her mother,while the car was coming towards on my left, I looked at Emmi, she hit her head against the back of my seat, she blacked out, I looked at her mother,and I see her all bloody and dead. I unbuckle, my seat and jumped in the back,grabbed her and carry out the door, luckly I was a agent. Then I went to the hospital, and they took her into the room, I told the doctor tell her that im dead. I went in her room,and kiss her forehead and leave her.

**FLASHBACK ends**

 Back to Emmi's P.O.V.

As I heard the truth , the truth that my father was alive all this time,while I got bullied and beaten up at home with Molly,

"hello? Em's you there", he sad.

"You been alive these past few years and lied to me and left me with Molly, You never came back to face the truth to your daughter and kept it away from me, You leave your daughter all helpless,heartbroken and think that its all her fault that her parents are dead,but instead here she is being a 19 year old and now founding out that her father is alive and an agent. You know what I been through all these years, and now all these things start to add up to me, I'm just a girl a useless girl, whose being used,and betrayal all my life, and kept thinking that my life starts all over again,but now, it hasn't ended its just keeps getting worse, don't you ever speak to me AGAIN!!" I yelled, and dropped my phone, and smashed it again with my foot, which I still have my shoes on.

"Piece of CRAP!",i yelled, and threw my little pieces of phone away in the trash can,I can't live with this anymore, I need, get out of here, this place, is nowhere I belong. I grabbed my laptop, and search and airplane ticket to New York., i'm living my life all over again, I think I should go stay with my auntie, who lives there. I'ts going to be cold, so I'm sure enough, I already packed all my clothes, I looked in my wallet, in my backpack, and I have 355,000 dollars I been saving up, So my airplane leaves at 6:00 in the morning, I wake up and leave I will just get a new phone while i'm over there anyways. I guess, i'm not telling Niall about this, he needs to know,but I can't leave him while is heart is smashed with a hammer, I will just writ a note then leave, cause I can't tell a guy im leaving for good. After I packed, I threw my backpack under the bed. I set the alarm clock next to me early. I fell asleep.

Next Morning*

I woke up, while the alarm clock, keeps, ringing. I shut it off, and got up, I looked my self in the mirror, and just going to wear, what I wore last night. Then my hair is a mess, I brushed it, and brushed my teeth. I wrote a note, then I grabbed my backpack under the bed. I tiptoed past, Niall,Liam,and Danielle's room. I walk downstairs quietly, and placed it on the refrigerator, since Niall will get hungry. I grabbed my keys and walked out, I  looked at the house, and said,

"Bye Niall, and all you guys, I will miss you, starting a new life again", then walked in my car and drove off. Well bye London and hello New York city.


awww looks like Em's can't take of being betrayed and everything will go alright like she wanted to be,or will it be the same thing all over again. You will see soon.

A/N: hey guys next Friday, is my spring break,and I'm not going to be on here for quiet awhile cause im going to Arizona.



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