A Teenage Heart

How you ever have a teenage heart, that's fills with Hate,anger,and sadness? Well maybe here's a story about a 19 year old, girl name Emmi Parks, whose enemy is Niall Horan.


15. chapter 15

Emmi's P.O.V

  "What the hell do you want?", I answered it said so rudely,

"Emmi, its Chase and Alyson", totally forgot to delete their phone numbers on my phone,

"I told you don't talk to me anymore, its was just a lie and I can't takes lies as forgiveness"

"Look, we're sorry we didn't tell you just hear us out",said Alyson.

"I'm sorry Emmi is not at the phone at the moment cause SHE THREW HER PHONE AGAINST THE WALL AND GETTING A NEW PHONE,AND CHANGING HER PHONE NUMBER!", I said while sounding like an operator. I threw my sticken dumb phone against the wall,and it broke. Then Niall,Danielle,and Liam came running upstairs and knocked on the door. Dang how loud did the phone vibrated on the wall to the living room.

"Emmi are you okay in there?', said Niall yelling over the door.

I opened it and see them worried,

"what happen up here?', said Danielle,

" I'm sorry I broke my phone against the wall, cause um lets just say i'm not be able to talk or speak to Alyson an Chase, cause I just found out that the friendships was just a lie,they betrayed me for Avery to bring their popularity back", I said leaning on the door frame.

"oh, Em's sorry to hear that", said Liam.

"Nah its okay it's never meant to be anyways",

"so WHO WANTS DINNER!!!", yelled Niall. I laughed, we ran downstairs and head to the kitchen.

"guys I need to go to the Apple store at the mall,for a a new IPhone and changing my number, and a new phone cased", I said.

"sure babe I will take you there tomorrow", said Niall eating bunch of food in his mouth, I went over and kissed his cheek.

then ate my food. After that I was so tired, I plopped on my bed,then I hear a ringtone in my room. I looked at the floor, and see my phone screen,black,but ringing. What the? how can mt phone ring I just smashed it against the wall. I walked up to it and picked it up. 

"hello", i answered it, then a deep echo voice, it doesn't sound like Chase,it doesn't sound like Alyson, or Molly, but its.......


OOOOOO, who coudl it be, you have to figured it out sooner or later

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