A Teenage Heart

How you ever have a teenage heart, that's fills with Hate,anger,and sadness? Well maybe here's a story about a 19 year old, girl name Emmi Parks, whose enemy is Niall Horan.


14. chapter 14

Emmi's P.O.V

   As we head back home, Niall insited to drive my car home, but i asked him whose going to pick him up, but then he is going to stay at my place. As we got there,I open the door silently and if i see my sister is here. No sounds came from anywhere, the t.v. is turned off, as I led Niall in and all the sudden a knife stabbed the wall next to my head. "Shit!" I said under my breath.

"Well, looks whose home at night", said Molly leaning on the door frame,her left leg over her right, and having an evil smile.

"well, Snooki Kardashian, if you have stronger arms,and better throwing angle,you will be able to kill my head off which that ain't gpoing to happen soon", I said pulling the knife out of the wall anf threw it at her, then i missed, which that was supposed to happen.

"HA! you missed also",

"I didnt miss, it exaclty where I wanted it to be", i said,while she looks down, and saw the knife holding her big poofy skirt.

"UGHH! EMMI THIS IS MY JOB DRESS!!!", she yelled.

"well, I glad i did it cause that yellow big poofy dress makes your butt look big like Nicki MInaj and well it is without the dress, and tell your boss, to get a new dress, its so not the middle ages right now." I said running up stairs and grabbing some clothes i need and toothbrush and stuff like that, I grabbed some money and head out downstairs. I saw Niall just stood there, then Molly trying to get the knife out, but she is way to weak to pull the knife out.

"C'mon,Niall, is there a way we can stay for a while at a friends place, obviously not Chase or Alyson cause their not my friends anymore", I said, while we walk out, he suggested Liam house. I'm glad Danielle is there cause i need a girl-friend to talk to. As we drove to Liam house,it was big, there was a two story house, with white tiles on the door steps. There was a fancy sparkling water fountain in the front of his house. As we parked in the drive way and we saw LIam and Danielle came out.

"nice to see you again, so wanna to tell us what happen at your house Em's", asked Liam,

"uhh yeah I will tell you while we got inside", i said, we went inside and it was so beautiful, wooden floors, white smooth bricks wall, a chandelie. As Liam pointed out to what rooms we're staying at, me and Niall did seperate, my room was to the right to the last room, and Niall is across from mine. As I put my bags down m y phone rang and you never know who it is? "What the hell do you want?'


A/N: well this is a suckish chapter, sorry to break this to you but im clearly done with "Hatred place" cause i see that it sucks. so im remaking a LOuis story again so im going to deleted the story sorry, and im stilol making the others also.


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