I will never stop loving you.

Violet is an ordinary girl with barely any problems in her life. Her friends are a bit more 'out there' than she is. They're always going to parties and Violet just stays at home because her single mum is so busy and she needs to help her little sister, Bella.
What happens when she goes to a party and meets a boy with a cute accent and curly hair? Will he change her life forever; or will she change his???


4. Ready? Great. Lets go.

Hope's POV

I showered then blow-dried my brown hair. I put on a silver necklace, sapphire earrings and silver sparkling heels. 

My dress was silver and tight around the top of my torso then flowed out a bit and had light blue feathers. I put on a fair amount of makeup and was ready to go.

-I hour later-

I checked my watch. 7:30pm.

Where was she?

Knock* Knock* Knock*

"I'll get it!" I said.

I walked downstairs and opened the door. Jade was there, ready to picked me up. She looked great.

Her black hair was straightened and in it was a red streak, she had a tight, midnight blue dress, black heels, a gold necklace, beautiful ruby earrings and a few silver bracelets. 

"You look great." I said. "I'm proud to be your best friend," I laughed.

"You look amazing, too." She said. "You ready to go?"

"Yep. Bye Mum, bye Bella!"

"Wait." Mum said. "Let me get a picture first."

"Wow. You two look great!"

Click* Went the camera.

"Bella," Mum said. "Come get a photo with your sister."

Bella came out in her pink PJ's.

"You look so pretty," She said smiling. "Almost as pretty as me." She laughed.

Jess laughed. "You're so lucky to have a little sister. I'm stuck wit three brothers."

Jess had twin younger brothers: Beni and Cody, and an older brother, Chris.

Mum took a picture of me and Bella, then me Bella and Jess and we left.

"Bye girls." Mum said.

"Bye Mum. Love you."

While we were driving Jess plugged in her iPod and started playing music. 

"One direction again. Really?"

"Duh." She smiled.

We were talking and the music played in the background.

"Omg, I just love Louis. He is so cute." Jess said, for perhaps the billionth time.

"Wow, I've never heard you say that before." I said, all sarcasm intended.

"Well, he's awesome. Who's your fave?"

"I don't think I have a favourite."

Oh, come on. You have to think at least five of them are cute."



"There are five."

"Exactly. I'm serious though, who do you like?"

"I guess Harry's pretty cute."

Jess smiled.

After a few minutes of meaningless chat Jess said:

"You know what you need?"


"A boyfriend."

"A what!?"

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