I will never stop loving you.

Violet is an ordinary girl with barely any problems in her life. Her friends are a bit more 'out there' than she is. They're always going to parties and Violet just stays at home because her single mum is so busy and she needs to help her little sister, Bella.
What happens when she goes to a party and meets a boy with a cute accent and curly hair? Will he change her life forever; or will she change his???


3. Please go away.

Harry's POV

"Hazel, please go." I said.

"Why? Ya playing hard to get, babe."

"No. We've been through this."

"Ya know ya love me, Hazz."

"No, I don't. We've been over this. I thought you were different, but you're not."

"Wha'dya mean baby?"

"Stop it Hazel, I'm serious. There is nothing between us."

"Harry, baby. It's only cute when girls play hard to get."

"Hazel! I'm not playing hard to get. What don't you get!?"
"Hazz, ya know you're in love with me. Better say it sooner or later or ya might loose me."

"Hazel, enough. I am serious. You don't really love me. You only want me cos I'm famous. Please leave. Now."

"Aww, come on baby."

This was way to hard. How else am I gonna tell her there's nothing between us?


Louis POV

I heard something when I walked into the apartment.

"Hazel, please go." 

Harry. He didn't want her anymore but she wanted him. She didn't love him. She just wants the points cos he's famous.

"Hazz, ya know you're in love with me. Better say it sooner or later or ya might loose me."

This girl was so annoying. I was getting really pissed off.

She wouldn't stop.

"Aww, come on baby."

Enough is enough. I thought

I walked into the living room where they were sitting.

They both looked at me.

Harry looked pretty pissed.

"Uhh, this is kind of private, boy." She said. When she was sure Harry wasn't looking she mouthed 'Call Me'. 

Then I snapped.

"Excuse-me!?" I almost yelled.

"First you hit on my friend, only cos he's famous, you keep telling him he loves you, you say you love him!? Bullcrap!

As if that's not bad enough, the second he turns around you hit on me!? What's wrong with you!?"

I was abou to say more but then Harry spoke up.

"What!? You hit on him? What the 'F'. Just leave, Hazel. Now."

"Fine," She said. "I can take a hint geez."

"Yeah right" Harry mutters.

"Bye Hazz." She says. And blows him a kiss. Then the ass winks at me.

"Get out!" Harry practically yells.

"Slut." I mumble under my breath.

"Thanks, Lou." Harry says.

"No problem. Harry, you need an actual girlfriend. Like long-term. Not dumbasses like that girl."

"You're so right. I need someone who loves me."

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