I will never stop loving you.

Violet is an ordinary girl with barely any problems in her life. Her friends are a bit more 'out there' than she is. They're always going to parties and Violet just stays at home because her single mum is so busy and she needs to help her little sister, Bella.
What happens when she goes to a party and meets a boy with a cute accent and curly hair? Will he change her life forever; or will she change his???


7. Did fate or destiny bring us together?

Violet's POV

"What do you mean, a 'boyfriend' ". I asked Jess, shocked she evan said it.

"Why not." She laughed. What's wrong with a boy friend? "Aren't you happy that I care.?" She asked.

We were in the parking of the pools. It looked amazing. It was all dark and there were colourful spotlights every where.

I was half-smiling now.

"Of course I'm happy that you care but I don't think I'm ready." I said.

"Vi. You're seventeen. I think you're ready."

"No, I mean Mum's always so busy and I have to take care of Bella almost every night. It's a miracle I'm here now. My life is so busy, I don't think I could fit a boyfriend in. And plus, you remember what happened with Mark."

Mark was my ex. I hate him. He'd always hit me and swear at me. He'd threaten me too. I was so happy when I left him.

"Yeah, Vi, I remember Mark-what an asshole-but I have to take care of Beni and Cody lots of times and I've had heaps of boyfriends."

"Yeah, but they were all bastards."




Me and Jess turned our heads to see who yelled at us. It was a bunch of guys.

"Oi." They said again. "Are ya gonna be in there all night fixing your makeup, or are you gonna go to the party?"

The guy who yelled at us had an almost shaved head, about four piercings and a weird earring. He was wearing a singlet and shorts. His 3 other friends were dressed about he same.

"Well?" He asked, laughing.

He seemed half drunk already.

Jess hated guys like these. So she did what she thought was necessary.

She gave them the bird.

His friends laughed at him. Then they all walked off.

"Nice one," I said, laughing.

"As much as I hate to admit it, they're right." Jess said. "Not about the makeup; but the night won't last forever." 

We got out of the car and went inside.

It was fun and all Jess wanted to do was dance.

After a while I asked if she was thirsty.

"Yeah," She said. "Being this sexy isn't easy, you know," She laughed.

"You're unbelievable." I said, laughing. "What do you want?"

"Surprise me!" She said.


I got her a Coke and myself a Lemonade.
I was walking back with the drinks when someone bumped into me. The coke went flying and The Lemonade went all over me.

Harry's POV

I was walking (and Like an idiot, I wasn't looking where I was going.) and I bumped into a girl. She had two drinks with her. One went flying and one went all over her.

"Oh my god, I am so sorry." I said.

She looked up at me and I looked at her. Our eyes met. I felt like my entire life flashed before my eyes.

She was so beautiful.

Her long brown hair fell so perfectly beneath her shoulders, her blue eyes made sapphires look like plain rocks, her smile could make me happy no matter what and... and... and I wanted her, no. I needed her to be mine. All mine. Mine to hold, to hug to love; forever. 

But now, one thought was swirling around in my mind. One and one only. 'So this is what real love feels like.'

Violet's POV

Part of me was half soaked from lemonade. But honestly, I didn't really care. I looked up at who I bumped into. I froze. I couldn't stop staring.

He looked amazing.

He had the cutest curls and the cheekiest grin. It was adorable.

Not to mention the dimples.

But those eyes. Our eyes were staring into each others. We couldn't stop. No. We wouldn't stop.

I knew very well exactly who he was. But that didn't matter. Everything else that had happened in my life, all the memories. Everything. Were forgotten. What mattered now was this. This moment in time. Right now. A little moment so fragile, we could barely keep it alive but we did. I don't know how long it lasted. It sort of felt like forever, but it also felt like half a second.

I treasured every second.

After a few more seconds I was helped up by someone. It was Jess. "Th-thanks." I barely managed to say, not moving my eyes off him. She was amazed as well at who was standing in front of us, but not in the way I was. She was starstruck. I was... I was... I think I was... in love.


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