I live in a huge mansion with harry styles sounds amazing right? Well no I'm 16 married and in high school as I try to make ends meet I go through ups and downs but if I tell will he leave me oh wait that's right I forgot to say........I'm pregnant!!?!!??!??!


1. telling him

I wake up to the smell of hot deliscious pancakes and run down stairs. Harry is there waiting and greets me with a hug and says "hi jessie boo" I just smile and say "hi hazza" we peck each others lip andget breakfast I look into his eyes and say "I love you sooo much but there's something you should know" he looks at me funny and I say quetly "I'm pregnant" he looks at me funny and kisses me so passonietly and I kiss back. I look into his eyes and say "3 months til we know the gender"
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