I live in a huge mansion with harry styles sounds amazing right? Well no I'm 16 married and in high school as I try to make ends meet I go through ups and downs but if I tell will he leave me oh wait that's right I forgot to say........I'm pregnant!!?!!??!??!


8. stay or go

I hear the strum of guitar chords.Niall. i walk to the door and hear harry sing little things. I walk outside and see a huge banner labeled "will u come on tour?" I scream "YES!" Harry kisses me and we all eat pancakes. I turn to harry. "Whats wrong babe? " he asks i whisper yell "what about the kids?" He nods "there coming " later we check out the new tour bus. There is two full bathrooms a kitchen lounge bunk beds and a nursery just like theres at home. "I love it " i whisper to harry. We kiss and head home. Eleanor has big news so we are going out to lunch but first we should put our old house on the market and move into our new one. Once harry unpacks then we are off to nandos. I think i know whats going on because eleanors acting like me when i was pregnant and she is really and i mean REALLY round on her stomach. As i walk in i see signs labeled congrats and its a boy! I run to eleanor and apologize about not brining a gift and start a conversation about tour. She says "this tour is going to be the one direction finale so its about 4 months long which is just in time for Mason to be born. Thats what we decided to name him! " " sounds good the name is so cute " i reply. We eat cake and drop presents off at el and louis'. I guess louis' dream came true. The tour is next week so i pack up everything needed so we can just go. I am so excited to meet fans and go to concerts and parties but more importantly spend time with the kids.
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