I live in a huge mansion with harry styles sounds amazing right? Well no I'm 16 married and in high school as I try to make ends meet I go through ups and downs but if I tell will he leave me oh wait that's right I forgot to say........I'm pregnant!!?!!??!??!


7. gone

I wake up to babies screaming. I walk into the nursery. There........GONE!!!!!! who could have done this those men were in jail! I start thinking about last night. "Harry " i mumble softly. I rush to the car jump in and quickly drive to eleanors we come up with a plan. She will take tyler and darcy to get some new clothes and drop them off at my place when harry thinks they are still shopping. Perfect. She heads out and i stay back with lou. He slowly approaches me and whispers "can we talk " i nod "jessie i want to have a baby with eleanor. A little boy named Kade." I say "thats great but dont forget you cant pick the gender," he nods and says how do i tell eleanor. "You simply say it out of the blue juat blurt out its time she will say for what and u simply say for kids." He nods hugs me and says "thanks jess" i hug him and nod. We decide to go to my place. I decided i would buy a mansion and move everything in while harrys out with the guys. I found a huge mansion bigger than the old place and its cheap!!!! I quickly find a close friend who is a realitor and buy it. Lou got Harry out of the hpue and the others loaded the moving van! El dropped off the kids right after we finished and we watched TV in the theatre room. Everyone said harry is having other girls over and that hes planning on getting a divorce. I rush to his place and grab the security tapes. It was true he had another girl over. He cooked every night for her and took her out. Then i realized........it was his MOM!!! "Hahaahaaahahahahahahaha" we all laugh. I call harry "hi love " he says "hi." I reply rudley. "Whats wrong? " he questions "uuummmm.....you took my kids and didnt speak to me a whole 3 days oh and never say i love you." I reply "sorry i will make it up at dinner tonight." He says "no im busy i have twins sorry bye." I hang up i cant believe him. I hate going out but of course he doesnt know that! I then realise he talked to Simon and ignored me cause he has to go on tour. Wow im smart.jk. hmmmm whats a tour whith one direction like. FUN. But i have two kids and want more. Tour isnt for me.....at all!!!!!!
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