I live in a huge mansion with harry styles sounds amazing right? Well no I'm 16 married and in high school as I try to make ends meet I go through ups and downs but if I tell will he leave me oh wait that's right I forgot to say........I'm pregnant!!?!!??!??!


6. getting out.....bye

The police men call for us and we scream for help. They quickly come down. I stop when i realize they arent police officers. I have harry push them out making sure when they attempt to shoot us they miss. I grab the phone and quickly dial 911 and tell them about the four mwn all looking alike with short brown mohawk style hair. They quickly send help. I ait in the babies room......TREMBLING. i then hear a knock and a deap voice say "hi its the police open up we are here to help " i dont believe them and quickly turn to harry shaking my head no. He says "fine i will call Paul and get a police sqaud down here." He sounds errataited and annoyed. I think hes mad. For the next 10 minutes he avoids me. As soon as Paul rushes in i grab the kids and go up stairs. Harry stays. I am getting annoyed. I then realize to turn on the security cameras. Iy was about ten by then so i join harry in bed. He never looks at me. I mumble "I love you " he just says "k " i get up grab the kids and everything i would ever want if i moved out called the moving truck place and packed up. I went and rented a place with two bedrooms and a huge bonus room. I really liked it! I decided to stay there since harry clearly disnt care about his wife and kids. I unpack and put the babies back down. All i think about is how much i miss him.
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