I live in a huge mansion with harry styles sounds amazing right? Well no I'm 16 married and in high school as I try to make ends meet I go through ups and downs but if I tell will he leave me oh wait that's right I forgot to say........I'm pregnant!!?!!??!??!


2. 3 months later

Three months have passed and we have found out its twins!!!! *

i feel little kicks and think wow im lucky. Harry grabs my hand kisses me and we are on our way to the hospital. We go to our room and start the oppointment. We begin to see the momitor but its pulled away. Somethings wrong. The nurse says "how many you wanting?" Harry and i stare at each other and say "2" she look at us and says "congrats u have two want to know the genders?" We nodd she gives us a paper with info about the next xheck up.

Back to today

We are ready for the ultra sound and she zooms in on baby #1 i hope we get a little girl. The nurse says "we got a.........GIRL!!! " me and harry scream "Darcy " then for baby #2 she ays "and a little.......BOY" I look at harry and whisper "Tyler " he says "tyler everett styles and Darcy amber styles." "YES." I scream. We grab our bags and head to the car but.........poparozzi explotion. Im due im 2 momths i cant take this. We rush to the car and drive home. Poparozzi close behind. We stop at els where louis, her husband is and niall his wife Jennifer liam and dani and zayn is. I feel bad for zayn he isnt married yet but we all got married young so he has time hes only 17. We tell them the news and are attacked in hugs. I look at eleanor she whispers "shopping?" I nod. We tell the guys and dani, el, and i get in eleanors car.
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