Loosing hope

to all the people who are loosing hope.


1. last but not least

i cry a lot more then when needed.

sometimes i look back at my life, the hurt the pain the constant suffering.

sometimes i stay up ALL night wishing that maybe i should end my life.

i don't want to be here on this world. with people coming from all angels.

i have no Romeo to my Juliet witch is sad but i will stride to get someone, sooner then needed but i really need one come to think. A man who will be real sweet.

i look down at the blade and say here's the answers. but guess what there not.

it hurts so much that i want to cry. i stand up tall and smile. but in my mind i still really want to die. so please when i die i want to rest in peace.

but not like that i don't.

i want to live and be free. to be truthful i never cut not even once i still think about it way more than once. but i am strong and won't.

so i can fight off what else comes to mind.

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