The Hard Sell

The title of this short story is not at all mine. It is actually the title of the song that inspired it, by Coheed and Cambria. So, please no one get mad.


1. The Hard Sell


He never thought he would end up like this. sitting hunched against the wall, blood dripping down his face and falling onto his clothes. Sure, this was definitely something he saw coming, but now that it was here, he never thought he would feel like this.    The group standing over him was softly laughing. They thought that he was cowering against the wall to protect himself. Their mistake, e thought to himself. If only they knew the truth. With a small grin he slowly looked up at them. Several of them were familiar faces, people he recognized from university, the grocery store, the bus ride home everyday. But that world had all but been obliterated and those faces were now dark and falsely menacing. The center man slowly crouched to look into his face. It was him. The one man that made this worse than it should have been. Jack.    "You know, this wasn't my idea. It came straight from them, but I thought it was a good idea. Susprised i never thought of it myself." They had once been friends, Jack and he, but now crouched over him, He was a new entity. Stronger in this new world, but he had fallen so far there was no more strength left from what he used to be. "Now that I think of it, they left out the final step of this whole... operation." Jack stood up, and as he uncurled, pulled his knife out of his boot. "This seems like a good idea to me, and now I can be proud that I thought of it myself. i think they'll appreciate it too."    Grin still on his face, a slow sigh spilled out of his mouth. Following the blade as it came out the boot in front of him, he knew the fight was over. It was over for them when they appeared in the alley, but the last fight within him had ended. He slowly shoved himself off his feet and stood heels agaisnt the wall. "Well, at least I don't have to pick you up now." His hand tensed and the blade took it's lethal post. Before any movement revealed the blades purpose, a viscious scream came flying out of his mouth. The group pinning him to the spot stepped back startled. The armed leader merely stood his ground and stared, almost bored.    The look on Jack's face began to change as the cracks began to appear in his face. Still screaming, the rest of his body began to crack and his eyes appeard to catch fire. The scream died just as he jolted forward unnaturally fast. Within the second, Jack and he were against the opposite wall. The next second, they all realized what had happened. A stream of blood was flowing to the ground as he stood, both arms thrust though Jack's torso and embedded in the stone wall behind him. Just before his final breathe, two simple words were slid into his ear, unheard by the others. "It's over."    He wrenched his arms from the wall and Jack's destroyed body fell where it had spilled. He turned as the rest oof the group began running, terrified. Before they could get 10 feet, he closed his fists and the ground in front of them erupted into the air cutting them off. Turning to face the demon behind them, they saw him raise his fists and with them every bit of stone and debris in the alley. Another inhuman scream sent it all flying toward them. The wall of matter reached them and shot stright through their bodies. They all fell without a sound as it slammed against the barrier behind them. He simply stared at the scattered piles of flesh and slowly fell back into the shadows as his eyes slowly faded. The only signs of his presence were the glowing cracks in his skin, still burning in the darkness. 


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