My bestfriends Brother

Amy is in year 11 at her school and fancies her bestfriends younger brother who is in year 9, Luke. They are bestfriends but what she doesnt know is he secretly likes her too.


1. Morning Beautiful

I woke up to the buzzing of my IPhone, which was strange becasue I dont have an alarm.  I rolled over like a zombie and checked my phone.  One new message from Luke.
"Morning Beautiful" he was so lovely
"Good morning Luke" I replied "Whats up? "
"Can I please talk to you at school today 8-)"
"Sure of course!"
"Its sorta serious 2.."
":-) ohkaay come join us at lunch!?!"
"OKAY! haha ;)"
"Cya then (-:" I endend our conversation. I was nervous about what he was going to say. Maybe his sister got mad at us and didnt want us to talk. Maybe...
I got ready for school, farewelled my brother off on camp and headed on my way.

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