My bestfriends Brother

Amy is in year 11 at her school and fancies her bestfriends younger brother who is in year 9, Luke. They are bestfriends but what she doesnt know is he secretly likes her too.


3. Lunch

I went and met up with my friends again. This time I was waiting on Luke to sit with me. I waited and waited. Constantly checking my phone hoping he would have texted me. Nothing.  Looking at Connor and Josh wondering where he was. They just shrugged. I noticed Luke wasn’t on the field so I went and asked Connor where he was and what was going on. All he knew was Luke REALLY had to talk to me.  I went and sat back down with my friends. I was sort of upset he hasn’t come over by now but I guess we were only 10 minutes into lunch.  Just as I was about to text me someone poked my shoulder and I knew it was him.
“Hey” I turned around and smiled “Sit down” and I patted the ground.  He sat down but didn’t look like he wanted to be here. 
“What do you want to talk about?” I smiled wondering what he wanted to say.
“Stuff, just not when everyone is around. Can we please sit alone together?”
“Sure! Of course!” I grabbed my gear and he pulled me to the middle of the field and he sat down so I joined him.
“Amy, are walking home today?”
“Yeah, I am you?”
“Yeah but Josh, Connor, and I are going to Josh’s Aunties house ,for a pool party, which is on Edinburgh Street, can I walk with you please?” he asked me nervously
“Sure!” I was so happy he asked me that. For the rest of lunch we just talked about games and school. When the bell rang I walked with him to his class “Meet at Rose?” he asked.
“Yeah I’ll be there” and I went to class.

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