Crystal Clear

" I love you " I whispered

" Promise you wont forget me "

"Your my everything "

16 year old Nala just died that means Niall's world comes crashing down , He says his last words to her the day before he has to leave for the X-Factor

A few years later he meets a girl who he is determined that is Nala
Will she share her true identity

Find out in Crystal Clear


1. Crystal Clear , Chapter One

( Chapta one )


"You don't know your beautiful "
Me and my mates scream

" THAT WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL " Louis yells /sings off key really bad .....

" Guys calm downnnn " Liam yells

We all shush and blush in embarrassment

" Sorry Li-Li " I whine

He just rolls his eyes and keeps driving

We were driving to our first concert for the thm tour and Harry was a sleep and zayn was looking in the mirror and Louis was munching on carrots and I was looking through my scrapbook

Sounds babish or ladyish right
I mean no joke , You would think Niall is all manly and cheese , But I have my moments

The first picture came up
It was me and Nala
A tear slipped down my cheek

Nala was my best friend
My mum new her mum before we were even born .

Just a few years ago , Nala died
She was poisoned , By a special chemical called Ricin , Which is a food poisoning , She died right before I was supposed to leave to go to the X-Factor

Flashback -
I was sitting on the swings and Nala sat right in front of me on the ground , I was staring into her eyes , Trying to see what she saw , There was something wrong but she wouldn't tell me anything , I was trying to read her face but I couldn't read anything

" NIALL " She yelled , She looked in pain

I jumped off the swing and she fell backwards

" Nala breath " I whisper and put my ear over her heart

" Niall " She whispers back , Her heart begins to slow down a little

A tear slips down her cheek

" NIALL " She screams , Her breathing speeds up a little , Another tear slips down her cheek

" Shhhh Nala its okay " I whisper wiping her tear off of her face

" I love you " She whispered

" Promise you wont forget me "

" Your my everything " She whispers , She looks at me , Her eyes shinning

Her heart slows

" Bump , Bump , Bump " The way her heart sounds with her slow breathing makes me die a little

" I love you " She whispers , Her heart stop finally

A tear slips down my cheek

" WHY " I yell , I punch the grass and than tears roll down my cheeks

End of flash back -

" Niall "

" Niall "

Their voices wake me up from the flashback

" Niall are you okay mate " Liam asks looking at me through the mirror

" Yeah im fine , Just dreaming " I lie
I wasn't okay and I wasn't dreaming
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