Wrong direction?

Kayla is 16 and is best friends with 19 year old Justin Bieber. What happens when she meets the most famous boy band in the world? Who will she fall for? Will age become just a number?


3. You ready?

The concert is tonight!! I'm so excited!!!!! I come out of the bathroom all ready to go and I spot Justin on the couch asleep! We have to leave soon and he's asleep! Oh My God! "Justin get up!!!!!!" He doesn't budge. I know he can hear me. "Justin!" Still nothing. I decide to be mean and I slap him. He shoots straight up. "What the hell Kayla!!!" 'We have to go!! Get your lazy ass up and get ready!!!!!" "Fine sorry jeez." He finally gets up and takes a five minute shower which is good for him he usually takes a 30 minute shower. He comes out in his One Direction stuff except his glasses and hair dye!! "Justin! Where is the dye and the glasses??" "Don't make me wear that Kay. Please!" 'Sorry Jay! You have to."  "NO!"  I grab the hair dye and put some in my hand. When he isn't looking I put it on the ends of his hair. 'Seriously?!" "Yup! Lets go." I make him put on the glasses, grab his hand and walk out the door. This is going to be so awesome! We arrive at the arena and I can't believe i am doing this? "OMG! I can't believe I'm going to be face to face with Harry styles! The Harry Styles!" "Yah. Great." He doesn't seem to happy. "Are you ok Jay?" "Yah I'm fine. Let's go."  What's up with him?

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