Wrong direction?

Kayla is 16 and is best friends with 19 year old Justin Bieber. What happens when she meets the most famous boy band in the world? Who will she fall for? Will age become just a number?


16. Who?

*Kayla's POV*

For once in a while I am happy. Louis is the best person ever. "Kay?" "Yes Lou?" "Can we go get coffee?" I laugh. "Of course." We both get out of bed. I pull off my shirt and dig through my bag for a new one. I turn to Louis and he is standing there in shock. "What Lou?" "Uh. Um. Er. Uh. Noth-thing." I laugh and pull on my shirt and change my pants. I turn to see Louis shirtless with his pants unziped. I can't breath. He catches me staring. "Like what you see? Huh Kayla?" I don't answer. Louis walks over to me and puts his hand gently on my face. He puts his lips lightly against mine and I pull him closer roughly. He puts his hands on my waist and pulls me closer. He puts his hands on the back of my thighs signalling me to jump. I jump and wrap my legs around his waist. Louis walks over to his bed and lays me down never breaking the kiss. He hovers over me still kissing me. I run my hands down his chest and down to his pants. He puts his hands on my thighs and up to my pant button. He trails his kisses from my lips to my neck. He kisses my neck while running his hands down my hips. "Louis?" "Hm?" He answers while still kissing my neck. "We should st-stop." He stops kissing my neck. "Are you sure?" "Yah. I mean this is far enough for now." "Ok." He smiles at me and I return it. "Can we still do this often?" I laugh. "Of course Lou. This was fun." I wink at him and escape his grip. "Such a tease Ms. Black." "Me a tease? I would say not Mr. Tomlinson." I smile and wink at him. He laughs. I go to the bathroom to try and fix my now crazy hair. I pull it back in a pony tail and examine it. "Shit!" I pull my hair down when I see a purple mark on my neck. "DAMNIT LOUIS!" "Woah woah! What did I do?!" "I have a fricking hicki!" He starts laughing uncontrollably and I cross my arms. He comes over to me calmed down a bit. "Oh. I'm sorry baby." He moves my hair out of the way and kisses the spot on my neck lightly. I melt. "It's fine babe. I forgive you." "Good." He kisses me lightly on the lips and walks down stairs. I smile to myself.  I put on some light makeup and pull on my shoes. "Kayla! Hurry up!"  I run down stairs. "I'm hear your majesty." I curtsy. "Wow. Drama queen." We laugh. Louis grabs the keys and comes over to me. "My princess." I blush, He grabs my hand kisses it and laces our fingers. He drops our hands and we walk out the door. Louis is driving and I'm flipping through the channels on the radio. A One Direction song comes on and I turn it up. Louis starts singing along as awfully as he can. I laugh so hard. "Louis! Stop!" He just keeps singing. "Oh my god! Louis! This is so embarassing. The girl in the car next to us looks at me through my open window. "I don't know him!" I tell her while laughing. She laughs to and Louis starts driving again. We finally arrive and I get out of the car. Louis comes behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. "Hi Louis." "Hi princess." I smile and he puts his chin on my shoulder and we walk inside the coffee shop. We get seated and I look around. "Kayla?" I turn around and Justin and Chaz are standing there. "Uh. Hi Justin. Chaz." Chaz waves. "Kayla what are you doing here?" "Um. Well. You know getting coffee." I sip my coffee. "Oh. Right." "Well. We're done know so I should be going." I grab Louis's hand and lace our fingers. "Kayla! Wait!" I turn around. "What Justin?"  "Kayla. I miss you." "I'm sorry Justin but I've moved on." "What? What do you mean?" Louis comes closer and holds my hand again. "Oh. I uh. I see." He is tearing up. "Justin I-" "It's fine. Forget it." He starts to walk away. "Lou. Can i talk to Justin real fast?" "Of course princess." He kisses my cheek. "Justin! Wait up!" He turns around. "Can I talk to you?" He follows me into the hall. "Listen Justin. I will always have feelings for you. Always. It's just that I found Louis and he's a great guy Justin. I was your rebound boy Kayla." No Justin! You never were!" He looks at me. He looks me straight in the eyes then at my lips then back at my eyes. The next thing that happens is Justins lips on mine. I kiss back. He puts his hand on my neck and pulls me closer. I missed this. He pulls away and smiles. "I should go Justin. Keep in touch." He smiles at me and I walk to Louis. "Is everything alright?" "Yup. Fine." We walk out of the coffee shop and someone runs up to me. "Harry?" "Kayla! I need to talk tpo you." Harry pulls me away behind a tree. "Kayla. I am so sorry." "It's ok Harry." "Seriously?" "Yah." "You still love me?" "Always." He smiles and presses his lips to mine. I kiss back. Wow. Harry is a really good kisser. He pulls away and smiles at me. "I'll text you." He says. I nod and walk away. "Everything good babe?" "Yup. Fine." Louis kisses me. We pull apart and walk away. What just happened? Who do I choose now?! Oh god. I'm in some deep shit.

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