Wrong direction?

Kayla is 16 and is best friends with 19 year old Justin Bieber. What happens when she meets the most famous boy band in the world? Who will she fall for? Will age become just a number?


22. The End

*Justin's POV*

I wake up the next morning next to Kayla. Her hair over her bare shoulder. "Justin?" "Yes beautiful?" She blushes a little. "I don't feel very good." "I'm sorry baby what doesn't feel good?" "I-" She couldn't finish her sentance because she ran to the bathroom and got sick. I take her robe and go into the bathroom. I hold her hair back and put her robe on her shoulders. After she finished she sits back I rub her back. "Do you want to go to the doctor Kayla?" She nods. I bring her some underwear, sweatpants, and one of my shirts. "Thank you Justin." "No problem." "I love you." "I love you to." I kiss the top of her head and we get into the car. When we arrive at the doctors office we check in and wait a while. "Kayla Black?" The nurse announces. We both stand up and I grab her hand. We walk down the hall into a room.  "What seems to be the problem Miss Black?" "Well. I didn't feel very well this morning and I got sick. It was out of nowhere!" "Ok. Um. Well do you have a fever?" "No." "Any stomach pains?" "No." "Do you still feel sick." "Just queezy." "Ok. Well I'm going to test you for the flu ok?" "Ok." After the nurse took the test we waited more. Finally the nurse walks in. "You don't have the flu. I talked to your doctor and he said to get some blood work done and an ultrasound ok?" She nods. The nurse takes a few viles of blood and takes us to another room and tells Kayla to lay down. She lays down and lifts up her shirt. "This will be a little cold ok?" Kayla nods and flinches when the cold gel hits her skin. The nurse moves a device around on her stomach then stops suddenly. "I-I will be back." And with that she runs out of the room. I start to worry. "Whats wrong with me?" Kayla asks. "I'm sure nothing. What ever it is we will get through this together." She smiles and kisses me. The nurse comes back in. "How old are you Kayla?" "16." "And you?" She points to me. "18." "Ok. Thank you." She runs out again leaving us confused.  "It's goimg to be ok Kayla." She looks up at me. "I promise." The nurse walks in again but this time with the doctor. "Hello Miss Black and...?" "Justin. Justin Bieber." "Mr. Bieber nice to meet you." We shake hands. "Lets take a look at your stomach shall we?" We nod. He searches around like the nurse and stops. Like the nurse did with his eyes wide. "Is everything alright sir?" I ask. He nods and smiles. "Congratulations!" We look at him confused. "You guys are having a baby!" My mouth drops open so does Kayla's. "Wh-what?" Kayla asks. "You are going to be parents!" He looks at us happily. "Bu-but that's impossible!" I say. "How?" "We only did it twice!" "Well when was the last time you.." "Last night." Kayla answers. "Well then congratulations!" I turn to Kayla smiling he doctor leaves. She stars straight ahead. I grab her hand. "Are you ok babe?" She looks at me and nods slowly. I smile at her. She smiles back. "What are we going to do Justin?" "What do you mean?" "Well with you and your traveling and all your fans it's just I don't want you to be embarassed." She looks down. "Kayla. Look at me babe," She looks up tears in her eyes. "I will never ever be embarassed by you! I want this to happen! I now have a family and I'm happy it's with you." She looks at me as tears stream down her face. "I love you Justin." "I love you to. Please don't cry baby." "These are tears of joy Justin I'm fine." "Good." I smile at her and kiss her lightly. Kayla gets off the bed and holds my hand as we walk happily out of the office. "Congratulations!" We hear a nurse say. "Thank you so much!" Kayla replies excitedly. I giggle at her. There are a few things I know for sure. Number one I am going to love and support my family. And second, I'm going to be with Kayla until THE END.

*Authors Note*

Hello lovelies! Sadly this is the end of Wrong Direction? but I'm writing a new story! I still need your help for characters!! Please comment your name,who you want to be with, and some things I sholud know about you! Thank you all for being so supportive and thank you for reading! Keep commenting! Love you all!


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