Wrong direction?

Kayla is 16 and is best friends with 19 year old Justin Bieber. What happens when she meets the most famous boy band in the world? Who will she fall for? Will age become just a number?


9. Harry? Really?

I quickly run to take a shower. After my shower I run into my bathroom and blow dry my hair. "Justin! What should I wear?!" I yell to him. "Wear the outfit I bought you!" I giggle and go into my closet. I leave my room wearing my Justin Bieber shirt, hat, and glasses. I go into my bathroom and put on my makeup. I then hear the doorbell ring and I run downstairs. "Bye Jay." I say and kiss his chhek. "Bye Kayla. Have fun!" "I love you Justin Bieber!" "I love you to Kayla Niclelson!" I laugh and open the door. "Hi Harry!" "Hey babe" He kisses me and wraps me into a hug. I smile. Harry takes my hand and walks to the car. He opens the door for me and I get in. "Where are we going?" "Somewhere awesome." He starts driving. We drive for about a hour. "Harry! Where the hell are we going?" "Hold on babe! We are almost there." He smiles at me and kisses my hand. About 15 minutes later he stops. "We are here." "And where is here?" We are infront of a giant house that looks as if many people are here. "We are at the One Direction meeting house." "Seriously?!" "Seriously."  "OMG!"  "Haha babe calm down." "I can't! I'm going to see One Drection again. Together. Wow." We get out of the car and hed up to the house holding hands. "Hey! Harry! Who's the girl?" Louis came up and asked. "Hi Louis! I'm Kayla. I came to your meet and greet a few weeks ago." "Ah! Kayla! You have my number right?" "Yes Boobear." He chuckles. "So you and Hazza really hit it off huh?" "Yah. She's lovely." Harry says while smiling. I blush. "Hey Harry!" A girl comes up to Harry and hugs him. "Who is that Harry?" I ask. "Uh. She's um. No body."  "Harry oh my god! Last night was amazing!" WHAT?! "Coleen can you please leave." "But Harry! You said you loved me!" "WHAT?!  Harry?! Tell me she's crazy. Tell me she's making this up!" Harry just looks at the ground his face full of guilt. "Oh. My. God. Wow." I let go of Harry's hand and turn to walk away. "Kayla please." I ignore him and keep walking. I feel Harry's hand grab my arm and turns me around. "What do you want Harry?! What do you want?! Just go run back to your little whore!" "Fine! I will! You go run back to that idiot asshole Justin Bieber!" "Oh really?! He's the asshole? I doubt that! Harry you are the asshole!" I'm screaming at him with tears streaming down my face. Harry's face immediatly turns to guilt when I start crying. "Kayla. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me babe!" "Harry! Go away! Leave me alone and don't talk to me or even look at me!" "Kayla.." "NO! Just go Harry." He slowly walks away and I can see one tear slide down his cheek. I burst out crying. "Kayla? Are you ok?!" Louis comes running to my side and wraps his arms around me. "Louis?" "Yes?" "Please take me home?" "Of course." We drive to my house and I get out of the car. "Are you going to be alright Kayla?" "Yes Louis. Thank you." "Anytime." I walk up to the door still crying and open the door. As soon as I see Justin I fall into his arms balling.

*Authors Note*

Hello!!! Happy Saint Patty's Day!!! I hope you all are enjoying the story! Thank you all for the positive sweet comments :) Thank you for reading and keep commenting :)

Thanks :) ~Rae

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