Wrong direction?

Kayla is 16 and is best friends with 19 year old Justin Bieber. What happens when she meets the most famous boy band in the world? Who will she fall for? Will age become just a number?


12. Fights

*Kayla's POV*

This week has been the best week ever. I can't stop smiling. Justin is the sweetest boyfriend anyone could ever have. "Babe?" I love when he calls me that. "Yes Justin?" "We should get out of bed." I laugh. "And do what?" I look up at him. "Let's go get coffee." I smile up at him. "Ok." I sit up and he sits up to. I get out of bed on his side and mine on my side. I start to walk around the bed to the bathroom when Justin pulls on my arm and pulls me down on his lap. He lightly kisses me and lifts me off his lap and on the floor. I laugh. "You're so weird." "Yah but you love me." "Maybe." I tease and walk into the bathroom and close the door. I hop in the shower. When I get out of the shower I walk into the room and Justin is nowhere to be found. I then hear screming from down stairs. I still have my towel on and I walk down the stairs. There in front of me stands Harry and Justin inches from each other yelling. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU TWO ARE DATING? WE JUST BROKE UP?" "YAH! WE ARE DATING AND NOTHING ID GOING TO CHANGE THAT!"  Harry spots me. He looks over. "Damn Kayla." "What the-?" Justin turns around and sees me in a towel. "Kayla? What are you doing?" Justin asks. "I heard yelling." Justin comes over and wraps his arms around me. "What's going on Jay?" "I'm trying to take care of it." He leans down and kisses me. "So it's true?" I hear Harry and break the kiss. "What's true Harry?" "I come over here trying to get you back and you are all up on Justin?" "Harry after what you did to me  Justin was the only one there for me." Harry steps closer to me. "Do you still love me?" "Uh. I-" I was cut off by Justin. "Kayla why don't you go get dressed?" "Ok Jay." I walk up the stairs and put  on my clothes. I try to fix my hair until I hear yelling again. I run down the stairs. They here me come down and immediatly stop. Harry comes up to me. "Kayla will you please answer my question?" "What question?" "Do you still love me?" "Well. I. I do. I always will but you broke my heart and I lost hope." "If you still love me then will you take this off?" He pulls at my shirt. I back away. Justin walks up to Harry turns him around and punches him in the face knocking him to the ground. "Harry!" I run to his side. "Are you ok?" "I'm ok. I'm ok." "Are you seriously worried about him more than me trying to defend the girl I love?" I turn to Justin. "I'm sorry I just-" "You still love him." "Yah. And when I gave up and then-" "I'm your rebound boy." "Justin no! You're not! I just. I. I don't know what happened." "Do you even love me Kayla?" "Of course I do Justin! I always have." "As a fri-" "As your girlfriend." "Ok sure. Apparently you love Harry more than you love me!" "Well Justin! He was the first!" "Wow. You know what Kayla? Get out and take your boyfriend with you." He starts to walk away but I grab his arm. "Justin please!" Tears are streaming down my face. "I'm sorry Kayla." He kisses me passionately and walks away. I feel Harry's arm wrap around me. "Harry stop." "Kayla! I still love you!" "Harry just leave please and take care of your eye." He walks away. I run upstairs and ask Justin to let me in. "Go away Kayla!" "Let me get my stuff." He opens the door with his eyes as puffy as mine. I take out my suitcase and I pack up my belongings. "I will have a moving truck over here in a few days." He sniffles. "Are you sure you want this Justin?" He starts crying again. "Just leave Kayla." "I'm sorry Justin." I turn around and walk out the door. He slams the door. I start bawling again. I take out my phone and call Louis. "Hey Kayla!" "Hey Lou." I sniffle "Are you ok?" "Please come get me." "I'll be there in 5." He hangs up and I fall to the floor crying. "Why me?" I lay on the floor as the tears stream down my face.

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