Wrong direction?

Kayla is 16 and is best friends with 19 year old Justin Bieber. What happens when she meets the most famous boy band in the world? Who will she fall for? Will age become just a number?


18. Breakups and Makeups

I wake up and Louis is not next  to me. "Lou?" No answer. "Boobear?" No answer. I look around and notice the keys are gone. I call him. "Hello?" He sounds agrivated. "Lou?" "Oh! Hey babe!" "Hey Lou. Where are you?" "I'm. Uh. I'm. With the boys at the studio." "Oh. Ok." That doesn't sound convincing. "When will you be home?" "I don't know Kay. I'll call you later ok?" "Ok Lou." "Ok love you bye!" And he hangs up. "Bye" I whisper in the phone. I get up and make some pop up waffles. My phone rings. "Hello?" "Hey Kay." It's Harry. "Hey Hazza! How's the studio?" "What?" "The studio. How's it going?" "I'm not at the studio." "But Louis said he was at the studio with you and the boys." "No. I saw him leave with Katerina though." "What?! Who?!" "Katerina. His ex." "Wow. Ok thanks Hazza." I hang up. Tears stream down my face I look at the clock. 10:00.

*10:00 pm.*

I hear the door open. "Kayla? Babe?" "Lou?"  I walk to the front door. My eyes red and puffy from crying. "Kayla! Are you ok?" He tries to wrap his arms around me but I pull away. "Don't touch me Louis Tomlinson!" "What did I do?" "I know about Katerina!" His eyes get big. "How?" I start crying again. "So it is true Louis!" "What is?" "You're cheating on me!" His eyes fill with guilt. "Wow." I push past him and go up to our room. I grab my suit case and start packing all of my belongings. "Kayla please!" "No Louis! Just stop!" I pack the last thing from that house and walk out the door. "Kayla! Please don't go!" I just keep walking. I don't know where but I walk. I realize i'm heading towards Harry's. I haven't stopped crying and it's 1:30 in the morning. I finally arrive at Harry's and knock on the door repeatedly. He finally answers the door. "What?!" I flinch. "Kayla. Are you ok?" His voice soft. I shake my head 'no' and fall into his arms bawling.

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