Wrong direction?

Kayla is 16 and is best friends with 19 year old Justin Bieber. What happens when she meets the most famous boy band in the world? Who will she fall for? Will age become just a number?


15. Big Mess

*Justin's POV*

What just happened? I'm in my room still crying from the night before. She loves Harry. She doesn't love me. She never did. I was just her rebound. I can't believe I was so blind. She's probably out there loving on Harry. No one will ever replace her. Ever. "Justin? Buddy?" Who is that? "Bro you here?" It's Chaz. I here him walk up the stairs. "Justin?" I just groan. He knocks on my door and opens it. "Justin?" He says quietly. I groan again. "Bro what happened to you?" "I'm broken." "What?" I sit up. Chaz backs away. "Woah dude you look awful." "Gee. Thanks Chaz." I say sarcasticly. He laughs. "Dude seriously what happened?" "Well Harry came by yesterday." "Oh no." "Yah. Well Kayla was in the shower and she came down stairs and saw us fighting. She went back up stairs to change and came down looking fine as shit." He laughs. "Ok then...?" "Then Harry was all like 'damn Kayla' and I turned him around and punched him." "Ok so whats the problem? Where's Kayla?" "Well you see she ran to his side and tried to help him. She started yelling at me and I told her to get out." "Did she listen?" I nodded my head as more tears streamed down my face. "She called a moving truck Chaz." I cried even harder. "It's ok Justin." "You don't get it Chaz! I love her and she left! No one will ever replace her!" He pulls me into a hug. "I'm going to help you get her back."

*Harry's POV*

Why did I even try? It ended up hurting me more. I'm still in bed crying occasionally when I think of Kayla. I'm so stupid. "Harry? Are you here?" I don't answer. "Harry honey?" Mom! "She comes up to my room and opens the door. "Oh Harry." Tears stream down my face again.  She comes over and wraps her arms around me as I cry into her shoulder. "What's the matter Harry?" "Kayla hates me. I had a fight with Justin who she was dating and she hates me mom!" "Harry. It's ok. It's ok." "No mom! It's not ok! Nobody compares to her! Nobody!" "I'm so sorry Harry. You will get over her. I promise." "But I don't want to get over her! She's my everything!" "Then we will get her back."

*Louis's POV*

This is great. She's finally mine. Only mine. I'm playing with her hair as she peacefully sleeps. She shuffles around and opens her beautiful eyes. "Good morning love." "Good morning Lou."  I  bend down and give her a sweet kiss on those beautiful lips. She smiles when we pull apart. I grab her hand and lace our fingers together. I bring her hand up to my lips and kiss it lightly. She giggles. "You're so beautiful." She looks down and blushes. I take out my phone. "Louis? What are you doing?" "Let's take a picture!" "Oh no no no!" "Come on babe! Please?" I give her the puppy dog face. "Oh fine." I smile. She puts her head on my chest and smiles sweetly. I smile and look down at her. She looks up at me and we kiss. At that moment I take the picture. We pull away and I pull up the picture. It's adorable. We both smile at it and I set it as my screen saver. Wow. What a life.

*Authors Note*

Hey!! OMG! I was just informed that I can take my laptop on the trip! YAY!!! I get to update more now!! :D OK. Well I hope you all are enjoying this story! Thank you everybody for being so supportive and nice! I love you all!!! Thank you! Keep reading!



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