1D date

Taylah and Katie enter a huge competition the competition of their dreams. as they wake up one morning to find that its not a normal morning.We are at our own places and there's a knock at the door...


2. SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!

First we went to Valley girl to buy new dresses and outfits for the trip I chose casual bleached denim shorts and  a layered sway top. Katie got the same.After that we went to Bed bath and beyond to get me the 1D  duvet and both of us 1D a blanket and other merchandise. Then we went to Toy world to get 1D  Dolls. After that we went to smiggle and got lots of stationary - the boys got lots of things because they thought smiggle was cool. Your probably wondering what about the fans? Well the had ten body guards to protect them.

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