1D date

Taylah and Katie enter a huge competition the competition of their dreams. as they wake up one morning to find that its not a normal morning.We are at our own places and there's a knock at the door...


1. The supprise?????!!!!! :)

This morning I woke up, walked to the the kitchen, made my toast and walked in to my bedroom to here a knock at the door. I stayed in my room while my dad answered it. I herd a voice say is Taylah and Katie there? it was in an English accent i was puzzled. My dad asked "who are you?" I waited for an answer as they said Zayn and Niall from One Direction, I wanted to scream! but I held it in and Called Katie. While I was doing that I got changed from my PJs to my denim shorts and lace top as I walked out my bedroom door I saw Katie running down the street. Zayn told me I won that competition to go out for the day and shop with 1D! When Katie arrived we walked out to their stretch limo! When we hopped in we got introdouced to Harry, Liam and Louis. They asked were we would like to go we said Te Awa the base.     

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