Anything Could Happen

Payton isn't your average ordinary girl. Yes, she's got the long brown locks and green eyes that make her look like your everyday kind of girl, but she isn't. She has one of the top jobs as a model for Teen Vogue, she just so happens to be the one and only Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend but, she's had a past. What am I saying, everyone has had a past, but hers? Well, hers is different.....


1. Chapter 1- First Hellos


****Ok so before I start I just want to say that I just made a Movella this morning so this is my first story.... EVER!!! I've always wanted to write FanFics so here it goes :D Oh and the HAI GIRLS HAI i got from my best friend Jamie. Her Wattpad and Movella  is 14jamiema so check out her stories please! Oh and it explains where her dad is later on :)


Paytons P.O.V

"PAYTON!" I heard. I looked up from my post I was about tweet and turned around, seeing him running towards me, happiness ran through me. Then there was a 5 minute bear hug. "I missed you." He whispered in my ear. "I missed you too Lou." I replied. Right then and there was THE most happiest moment in my life. My boyfriend Louis Tomlinson said that he was going to pick me up up at the airport when I got back from my job in New York. I missed him terribly. When I was doing my photo-shoot he was the one thing on my mind. Anyway, after our 5 minute bear hug, he held my hand and walked my over to my family, waiting about 500m away from when I first saw Lou. They were all standing there. My Mum, Julie, was holding a sign saying Welcome Back Payton! And my 2 little twin brother and sister, Bruno and Taylor were holding a sign saying We Love You Pay-Pay. I had to laugh, they were just so cute! I gave hugs all round, Mum, Taylor and Bruno. When I went outside to the car after getting my bags, I heard this scream. "AGGGGGHHHH PAAAYYYTTTTOOOONNN!!!!! " I quickly turned around, and the next thing I saw was my 4 best friends! Rose, Baylee, Emma and Kim were running straight toward them, and me being the victim of being in the middle of our giant group hug. God I missed these girls! "HAI GIRLS HAI!!" I finally managed to get out, being squeezed to death! I was about to hop into my car when Rose said, "well, we've been planning this since you left 2 months ago, and, when you got back, we, would, um, take you shopping..." I looked at Mum, and she gave me this look saying, go on, have fun with your friends! But then eyed my over to Louis. Baylee seemed to notice that and then blurted out "Louis can come too if he wants." I looked at Louis, and he said "You know what, I'll go and hang with the lads. (meaning One Direction) You girlies have some girlie time." I looked at him weirdly. "You sure babe?" I said. "Yeah, go have fun." And let out a smile. "I'll see you later? I have a surprise for you. I'll pick you up at 6:30 outside your house. And wear something nice." He whispered on my ear and then winked at me. I smiled so big! I waved goodbye to him and walked with the girls. Yes! I thought to myself.

Louis P.O.V (a little earlier)

I've waited a long time for this day. Ever since I dropped her off here 2 months ago to be precise. I've never really liked the airport. Your either are sad or happy when you come here. Today it's one of those times when you're happy, so I didn't mind being here. You see I'm here to pick up my girlfriend Payton. She's a model for teen vogue. That's how we met. * Explaining a flashback*. When we were there for a photo shoot she was there modelling. Our photo shoot was straight after hers. I saw the last 5 minutes of her shoot and damn she looked pretty! Harry saw me looking at her and flicked me and said (and I quote) "Bro, go get her after the shoot. There's a 5 minute break in between so go talk to her then!" I smiled, still admiring her beauty. "Ok" was all I could manage to bet out *End of explaining the flashback* I snapped out of it, because I heard an announcement. "Flight 2846 from New York City now landing. Thank You." YAY! I thought to myself. In 5 minutes I will be able to hold her, and smell her perfume that she always wears and knows I like. I slowly made my way out to the gate that hade New York above it. She walked out of the plane. Looking down at her phone. The phone that I got her for her birthday. The IPhone 5 I got her for her birthday. Probably texting her friends or on Twitter or Facebook. Classic Payton. When she walked into the building she was still on her phone. "Payton" I shouted out. She looked up and turned around. I was already running towards her. A huge smile grew on her face when she found out it was me. I gave her a giant hug that lasted for about 5 minutes. "I missed you" I whispered in her ear. "I missed you to." I held her hand and took her over to her family who all had signs. I especially loved her little brother and sister's one that said "We Love You Pay-Pay!" They were so cute. I heard her laugh quietly. Probably saw the sign. Her mum was holding one too. Saying "Welcome Back Payton." We went outside to her car. Then I heard screams. Probably the girls I thought. And I was right. Rose, Baylee Emma and Kim. Her 4 best friends on the whole world. After some talking the girls decided to take Payton shopping. They offered me to come but I just said that I would hang with the lads for a bit. But she didn't know that I was taking her out for dinner tonight. To her favourite restaurant, El Presto. I was right in the middle of town. I whispered to her, "I'll see you later k? I'll pick you up at your house at 6:30. And wear something nice." And then smiled and winked at her. A HUGE smile was on her face. I knew she liked the sound of it. She waved goodbye and walked off with the girls. This was going to be the best night ever I thought.

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