Freedom Isn't Only Physical(One Direction Fanfic)

Mary(also known as Mars Bars) was one of the girls you would consider popular. She had a normal life, better than the average person would--but when her father is murdered during a day at work, her mother becomes an empty shell. After a night the both regret, Mary leaves her house in search of a new life--and just so happens to run into five boys that change her life.
(Fanfic about One Direction... and a specific boy. Taken at a realistic pace(I hope). I don't own the cover image!)


17. xAuthors Notex

Hello, Cookies. :)

I am really, really excited, guys, and it's all because of y'all. :)

I guess you guys are curious about why?

Well, to start off: 17 fans, 115 favorites, 59 likes, 885 views, and 50 comments... That's just--wow, just wow. It blows my mind. Thank you all, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, *5 hours later* so, so much!


Anyhow, the tallies. Serious business, man, serious business.

14 #TeamHarry, 6 #TeamNiall, 5 #TeamLouis, 11 #TeamLiam, and 2 #TeamZayn. God, poor Zayn. :(

I might eliminate two/three choices, but I don't want to decide yet... If I wanted to keep two, though, I'd keep #TeamLiam and #TeamZayn! What do y'all think?


Okay, I think of any other funny b-- NEVERMIND. Who should she run into?! I don't want MORE drama, but I do... well, until I pick a guy and the main drama unfolds. ;)

Anywaaay, love you cookies. xx

--Cookie Monster


P.S.: Keep faning, faving, sharing, liking, and commenting! :)

P.S. P.S.: 0ned1irection--check out their stories so they can meet 1D. :D

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