Freedom Isn't Only Physical(One Direction Fanfic)

Mary(also known as Mars Bars) was one of the girls you would consider popular. She had a normal life, better than the average person would--but when her father is murdered during a day at work, her mother becomes an empty shell. After a night the both regret, Mary leaves her house in search of a new life--and just so happens to run into five boys that change her life.
(Fanfic about One Direction... and a specific boy. Taken at a realistic pace(I hope). I don't own the cover image!)


11. Mother, No!

I spun on my heels, prepared to fight--or run if need be--as I spun around to see no other than...


"Oh, sh-" I began, biting my tongue to keep the dirty word from coming out. She rose a thin eyebrow and smiled, taking a swaying step toward me, clearly struggling for balance.

She was wasted.

"I can't believe you ran away from me," she said, the words dropping sorrowfully from her tongue. I had to remind myself that this was an act, she was lying. Lying. Lying. Lying! "I've missed you so much. P-please," she tipped forward, reaching for me, "come home."

I backed away, evading her outstretched arms and shaking my head. "No," I said firmly, hating the agony that shone in her drunken eyes. "I refuse."

Her eyes narrowed into slits, anger and pain radiating off of her. I took another step back--so she advanced. Her gait swished back and forth unsteadily and I forced myself to remain rooted, to not help her if she fell...

"I know I screwed up," she slurred, "but-but I... I can't live without you! I can't--I won't!" She shouted, grabbing at something embedded in her coat and pulling at it.

"Mom-- Alexandra... please--" I began, cut off when a pistol revealed from her pocket. My eyes stretched wide as she clumsily cocked it, swinging it around like a weapon.

Well, it was a weapon. I swallowed hard as she pointed it at me.

"Alexandra! What are you doing?!" I squealed, unable to keep my voice down at the level of panic that overrode my usual calmness. "Put the gun down, now!"

"Don't tell me what to do!" she snapped, all on defense now. She jutted it at me, prepared to shot. "I swear, if you don't come now... I'll... I'll... shoot you! Then, I'll shoot myself. You don't," she added, a twisted smirk screwing up her features, "want to be the cause of two deaths, do you?"

"I-I," I began, swallowing hard. Darkness circled my vision and I felt the intense need to grab hold on something to steady myself. My mother was about to shoot me... just to spite my wishes. "I-I, I... I can't, Alexandra. You'll kill me either way! I'd rather d-die," I said unsteadily, about a hair away from giving into her. I did not want to die.

I did not want to die!

"You're kidding," Alexandra growled, some of her edge breaking down. She seemed hurt. "You would rather die than be with your mother? I... but I love you."

And, just like that, my heart broke. "Y-you are not my mother!" I hollered, stomping a foot in a fit of anger. "I hate you! I hate you! You don't love me--don't even act! KILL ME, I DARE YOU!" I snapped, spreading my arms wide in defeat.

Her eyes grew wide, then narrowed and she scowled hard. "Don't make me do this," she hissed, tightening her grip on the pistol, struggling to see around her tears, "I can't kill you..."

"Oh, really?" I still had my arms spread wide, daring her, taunting her, mocking her, wanting her to just go ahead and pull the damn trigger. "Then why would you say you could, you, you... Liar?! Just another thing you lied about, huh? Kill me already, Alexandra! Just pull the freakin' trigger and get it over with! See you in Hell, buddy!" I screamed, taking a step forward, pressing the end of the gun against my chest, right where my heart was hiding.

"Stop it!" she cried, staggering back, "Stop it, Mary! S-stop!"

I smiled demonically, enjoying the power I knew I held over her at the moment. I edged forward just a bit into the gun, leaving heavily on it. Her hands shook and tears poured from her eyes like a waterfall. "Shoot me, bitch," I hissed to her.

Suddenly, she sprung away from me and fell onto the ground, pulling the gun to her and away from me. I watched, wide-eyed with horror as she placed the gun against her temple. "I-I..." but she was unable to finish her sentence of proclaimed love to her daughter--and pulled the trigger.


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