Freedom Isn't Only Physical(One Direction Fanfic)

Mary(also known as Mars Bars) was one of the girls you would consider popular. She had a normal life, better than the average person would--but when her father is murdered during a day at work, her mother becomes an empty shell. After a night the both regret, Mary leaves her house in search of a new life--and just so happens to run into five boys that change her life.
(Fanfic about One Direction... and a specific boy. Taken at a realistic pace(I hope). I don't own the cover image!)


18. Before You Heal, You Must Be Torn (1)

Crap, crap, crap, I echoed, sprinting right into...

...a dead end.

Instantly, my hands wrung into the front of my shirt and I spun around, prepared to sprint the other way. Just as I began to run forward, the hood members skidded down into the ally I had fled into.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

What was I going to do?

"Hey, baby, where you going?" the unofficial leader purred as they slowed down, walking towards me. Their breaths were heavy in their throats, eyes wide with a challenge.

"To... the library," was the first idiotic thing I was able to say, my own eyes wide--but with fear. "I really must be going!"

"Baby, there ain't no library down here. This is an ally," he said in an matter-of-fact tone. I was really starting to hate the word 'baby' right about now. And him.

"Then... w-where is the li-library?" I asked, struggling to keep the stutter (and failing) out of my voice. A smile coated the leader boy's mouth and he took a step forward. The others began to whoop.

"Baby, I'll take you there," he muttered to me softly, taking another step towards me and I backed away. Bad choice. He grinned like an idiot, lips ear to ear.

I let out a soft, fake laugh, my face drained of all color. He took another step towards me. "I-I can do it o-on my own, h-haha... Y-you see, I was j-just kidding."

He smirked madly, and just as he stepped forward, I stepped backwards. My shirt brushed the wall. "I like funny girls," he purred, all toying gone.

I swallowed hard.

"And," he kept on, "I like you, baby."

I let out a nervous giggle, nodding slightly. "I... thank you, I am fl-flattered, but, you see--I have a boyfriend..."

"He doesn't have to know," the man said, tilting his head for an innocent look as he too a step forward. "C'mon, guys," he whooped to his gang. Instantly, all of them stepped forward. My eyes stretched wide and adrenaline flooded my veins, but I was incapable of moving. Panic rooted me to my spot--and, for once, I was a deer in the headlights.

"Please," I whimpered before squinting my eyes shut.

None of them replied, but grimy hands grabbed at my shoulders and legs. The panic inside of me suddenly erupted and I jerked the hands off, barreling myself forward. At my extreme surprise, I ripped past two of them and began to sprint away.

I didn't get far.

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