Freedom Isn't Only Physical(One Direction Fanfic)

Mary(also known as Mars Bars) was one of the girls you would consider popular. She had a normal life, better than the average person would--but when her father is murdered during a day at work, her mother becomes an empty shell. After a night the both regret, Mary leaves her house in search of a new life--and just so happens to run into five boys that change her life.
(Fanfic about One Direction... and a specific boy. Taken at a realistic pace(I hope). I don't own the cover image!)


32. author's note x

so, i deleted all the author's notes. next time i update with an author's note, i will delete this one, and so forth. anyway, as of now i am going to (lightly) be rushing the romance. i'm also going to be editing this story majorly, as well as working on a new story. i'm not so sure it will be a fanfiction, i suppose it just depends. thanks for the support, keep it coming!

also, i am truthfully sorry on my lack of activity. i get busy and forgetful and i am just so sorry. if anyone is still reading this, just comment and say i'm not writing for nothing. thanks.

today is officially my 1-year anniversary with movellas! november 3rd, baby. <3 anyway, buh-buh. love and kittens and whatnot. --kay_kayroads

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