It's Nothing, Really

You shouldn't have seen it.
But you did.
Now you know.
What's next?


1. Prologue


Pain is only relevent if it still hurts.   I pick up the tiny blade and twirled it between my fingers. My hands trembled as the thoughts of everyone bombarded my mind. I couldn't shut their cries out. It was too much. I put the cool metal to my skin, and slowly drug it across the tan area. The tiny hole in my skin started to bleed out, the pressures of the day falling away form my mind. My lungs let out a sigh, and I stood in front of the mirror, watching myself as the seeping scarlet oozed from my skin and onto the floor. Drip..drip..drip..It was the only thing I was truly in control of.   "What are you doing?" I heard a familiar voice call from the bathroom door. 
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