Living Together

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9. Chapter 9

Acelia’s P.O.V

“JUSTIN HURRY UP YOU LAZY MOTHER FUCKER, THIS IS IT! THIS IT THE DAY WHERE YOU’RE LIFE MAY CHANGE FOREVER!”  I screamed at Justin from the kitchen, “GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED NOW” You wouldn’t half think that the kid’s excited about his dream coming true at the rate he’s getting ready. 

“Calm down Celia, holy shit! We have plenty of time, stop stressing.” He yelled back.

It aggravated me how unenthusiastic Justin was about all of this. After all, this ‘Scooter’ guy could be in charge of his future so why not turn up early and let him know that we too are serious.

“Justin I’m serious you better hurry the fuck up before I come in there and force you to hurry up” I angrily yelled.

Popping his head around the door Justin answered, “And what might you mean by that?” adding a wink at the end.

If giving him a bit of action was the only way to hurry him up then so be it. And with that, I strutted up to him, pushing him onto the bed and kissing the hell out of him. Things quickly heated up and before I knew it our completely naked bodies were pressed up against each other. Still making out and going at it pretty violently might I add, we both lost track of time and before either of us knew it, it was 9:30, half an hour before we were meant to meet Scooter Braun.


“Who cares babe, he can wait. Just 5 more minutes, c’mon.”

“Justin no, I’m serious now. You want this right? To for fill your dream and pursue a career in singing?”

“Yes..” he muttered.

“Right then, let’s put some clothes on and look presentable and be on our way!”

“Fine.” Justin replied in a disappointed, unhappy tone.

In no more than 5 minutes Justin and I were changed and done up nicely and ready to go and meet Scooter Braun!

Justin’s P.O.V

Yeah, I was excited to meet Scooter and potentially begin my career in singing but yeah, I also wanted Acelia. I want all of her, all to myself but since that conversation about “friends only” how am I ever meant to bring that up or tell her? Our make out session just before we left the house was perfect until fucking time had to be invented to distract Celia. My plan is to get this meeting out of the way and then somehow tell her tonight how I’m feeling, after all what have I got to lose? Apart from confidence, or ego. Fuck it, I don’t care what happens or what her reaction is, I’m telling Acelia how I feel about her and after that I’ll deal with the rest from there.

“Are you nervous?” Celia asked.

“I guess so, I don’t really know what to feel. I’m excited but yeah nervous I guess because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I don’t want to blow my chance or make a bad first impression.” I replied, trying to concentrate on driving as well as answering her question.

Putting her hand on mine she replied, “I got you, don’t worry. They’ll love you just as everyone else does and I’ll be by your side the whole time.” She cutely grinned at me, reassuring me that everything will be just fine.

Ever since a young age, Acelia has always been the positive one, always looking on the bright side of things no matter what the situation. She’s always been the one to calm me down whenever I was upset or nervous about something, the one to make everything better.

“Thanks Celia, I love you, you know that right?”

“Yeah, I know,” she replied while grinning and squeezing my hand, “and I love you too Justin Drew!”

We were only half a mile away from reaching our destination when it really, really came clear to me that this is the moment I’ve dreamt of, the moment where the start of a new life for me may begin. ‘Holy shit’ I thought to myself, this IS real.

We pulled into the parking lot of the building where we had arranged to meet Scooter and my hands started trembling on the steering wheel, reality set in and I guess the nerves found their way to me. We found a parking spot close to the entrance and we both unbuckled ourselves, ready to get out when suddenly Acelia grabbed my face and passionately kissed me. In no more than 30 seconds later she quickly pulled away, both of us being a bit confused with what just happened.

“You’ve made 2 moves on me in less than 2 hours, I must be doing something right!” I said with a smirk on my face.

Scratching her head and hesitating a bit Celia replied, “Shut up, I have no idea what came over me. Get your ass out and go meet this guy.”

With more confidence than ever, I did as she said and ‘got my ass out’ of the car and walked with a wiggle of my bum hoping to amuse Celia, right into that building. I turned around to see if she was following and typically she was sitting in the passenger seat still, reapplying her make up but giggling at my strut I just did.

“Celia you don’t need it, you’re beautiful enough. Now c’mon, let’s do this, I can’t do it without you.”

She was murmuring to herself but got out and ran to catch up with me, grabbing hold of my hand and squealing excitedly. “Let’s do this! This is it Justin.”

I looked at the message Scooter had sent me with all the details I’d need checking which office we had to go into and I read ‘suit 23’. Today must be my day, I looked up and right in front of me, there it is, suite 23!

With Acelia’s fingers locked tightly in mine, we walk into the office, and to my surprise, even Celia’s, there, right in front of my eyes, is THE Usher Raymond. My plan wasn’t to make an unprofessional, crazed fan first impression but instinct took over and I stood there wide eyed with my jaw dropped before quickly rushing over to him to shake his hand and spit out many words ending up coming together as “Usher, I God oh my I wow okay you’re amazing.”

The whole room erupted in a friendly laughter sending my cheeks into a bright, bright red colour and leaving me embarrassed as ever.

“Hey man, as you’ve just shown that you know, I’m Usher”

“and I’m Scooter Braun” says Scooter, stepping out from behind Usher.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry guys I’m just clearly a bit star struck and I’ve never done this before or met any relatively cool people or famous people so wow haha sorry hey, it’s truly an honour to meet the both of you!”

“No need to apologise dude, it’s all good. It’s quite an honour for us to meet you too, such a talented kid you are! We both cannot wait to work with you, so let’s get right down to business why don’t we?” Scooter suggests.

“Yeah, of course. That sounds great!” I exclaim.

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