Living Together

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8. Chapter 8

Acelia's P.O.V

i ran into the living room and grabbed Justin's mac book opening it and immediately going to YouTube an into 'Create An Account.', although i wasn't the one uploading videos and singing i was really excited, i mean what if he becomes famous. through out the whole time i knew Justin i had no idea he could sing, the main reason he moved here was to get a start on his acting and or singing career, i'll admit i thought Justin wouldn't have a good voice but he does, its so beautiful,  so pure.

my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone entering the room, i looked up to see Justin standing there in nothing but really extremely baggy tracksuit pants, giving me a perfect view of hid tanned abs and V lines. i still don't understand why he wore pants anyways, they basically sit on his fucking feet. i regretted the whole deal we had made before to just stay friends, that was the only thing holding me back from jumping on him right then and there, he must've realized what he was doing to me because the grin on his face was massive as he sat down next to me, taking the laptop off my knees and placing it on his, filling out the information needed.

"what is your username gonna be?" i asked, knowing him it would be something along the lines of 'sexycandiankid94'

"kidrauhl." he answered

before i could ask him what the whole 'kidrauhl' thing was about, he spoke up "what song should i sing in my first video?".

"Chris Brown's With You." i blurted out, i love that song and i also knew it was one of justin's favorite songs, Chris brown is one of his idols as well so if i hadn't said it, he would've come up with it anyways. he nodded his head and placed the laptop on the bench, placed a seat in front of it and grabbed his acoustic guitar and sat down, pressing record.

 i figured it would be quite awkward if i was just standing there watching him so i walked into the bedroom, i could still hear the strum of the guitar and the sound of his voice. "cause with every kiss and every hug, you make me fall in love" he kept singing until the song was over and then started to talk about what he was going to be doing with his channel and how its not only for recognition its mainly so his mother could hear his voice now that hes half way across the world and it's also for the rest of his family.

after he was finished telling them about that he finished the video and uploaded it. i walked back out to see him sitting there smiling, "thank you acelia, i want you to watch it, because you walked out before you could hear what i had to say." he passed me the laptop and pressed play.

"Hey Guys, my names Justin Bieber, today i'm going to be singing chris brown's with you, i'm dedicating this video to my best friend Acelia Jones, she convinced me to do this. I love you Acelia, i really do." he let the video finish before shutting off his laptop and looked at me, "w-what'd you think?" he asked, obviously nervous to hear the answer.

"you're truly amazing." i kissed him on the cheek, i meant it, i really did, i got up to go get something to eat before turning around and adding "for the record, i love you too justin." his smile grew as the words left my mouth.

i walked into the kitchen and opened up the cupboards to find they where empty, we still had to go grocery shopping. fuck, "JUSTIN." i shouted, immediately justin ran in, "whats wrong?" he knitted his eyebrows together "we still need to go grocery shopping." i sighed as my tummy rumbled, "i'm fucking hungry."

he walked across the room, wrapping his arms around my waist and whispering in my ear with his deep raspy voice "so am i." i laughed at his attempt to change my mind about the deal we had come up with earlier, i pushed him off before speaking again "i said hungry, not horny." he laughed before putting his hands on my back again, slowly moving downwards and kissing my neck as he added "can't we be both."

i pulled his hands off me and stepped backwards, "not if we are going to keep this friendship thing up, now are you coming to the store or not?" i asked, slightly annoyed at his attempts, this friendship thing was going to be harder than i thought.

"yeah just let me put a top on celia." he was aggravated, i could hear it in his voice. 

the car ride was awkward and barley any words where spoken, the amount of times we got lost trying to find this place was ridiculous, it took 2 hours to find it, an hour to shop and get everything we needed and another hour to find our way back, 4 fucking hours too buy food.

when we finally reached our floor and the elevator doors opened i ran to the kitchen and dropped all the bags everywhere, justin following, he did the same thing, i started to unpack while justin ran into the other room and sat on his laptop.

i was almost finished unpacking when justin scared me, "ACELIA YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO BELIEVE THIS." he screamed, i ran into the lounge room to see what he was talking about, i looked down onto the screen of the laptop and there in big numbers was the amount of views and reviews justin had gotten on that one video, in just 4 hours.

10,000 views and all of the comments were positive like, "you have an amazing voice" or "you're really attractive." i laughed at all these girls commenting, right then justins phone ran, tearing my attention away from the screen and onto the phone, "Mom" was written in big letters. he got up, picked his phone up and walked out of the room.

Justin's P.O.V

i was so happy with the amount of views and reviews i was getting, i hadn't told acelia this ever, i had always kept it to myself but my dream was to be a singer, to be remembered, to be a legend like Michael Jackson, my idol, my phone started ringing and as i saw that it was my mom, i suddenly felt sick, was something wrong?

"hey mom, whats wrong?" i asked, was something wrong, it could be anything, i started to panic.

"i dont want to alarm you justin, but theres this guy calling for you, he wants to get in touch with you, apparently he saw your video on YouTube and wants to meet you, what video justin?" she asked.

"mom, whats his number?" i suddenly started to get really excited, goosebumps appearing on my skin, she gave me the number that i had asked for and asked me once again what the video was, "i just uploaded a singing video, so that you and the rest of the family could see me singing, acelia convinced me to do it." i explained, she then said she would check it out and we said our goodbyes and i hung up so i could call this guy.

i walked back into the living room to explain to celia what was going on, i dialed the number and put it on loud speaker so she could hear it too.

"hello scooter braun speaking." my smile immediately grew bigger as i had followed this guy on twitter for ages, i knew exactly who he was but i decided to play it cool.

"u-uh hey scooter, its Justin Bieber, the guy from YouTube, you were trying to get a hold of me?" i questioned, he then told me that he wanted me to meet him somewhere the next day and to bring acelia with me, he wanted to show me that he was legit by showing me some of his 'people', he wanted to make me a pop sensation, apparently i had the 'it' factor, whatever that means, we agreed.

i am really nervous about tomorrow, i mean the videos were for family. acelia squealed "JUSTIN, YOU MIGHT BE FAMOUS, OMG." all of sudden, it finally clicked that this was really happening, that if i was lucky and worked hard, i would be a pop sensation just like MJ.

was my dream really about to come true?

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