Living Together

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7. Chapter 7

Justin's P.O.V

i threw myself on the couch, a smirk still plastered on my face from what i had just done.


for the next half an hour i ignored all of her screams until they suddenly stopped, the curiosity got the best of me and i stood up to go and check it out.

the room was empty, the handcuffs were still stuck to the bed head.

the bathroom door opened and a half naked Celia walked out with only a thin towel covering her bare body.

"how'd you get out?" i knitted my eyebrows together, showing my confusion, she lifted her hands "i have small hands" she said, proud of her achievement. i walked towards her, licking my lips as i grabbed her waist and pulled her body closer to mine, feeling every curve her small figure had to offer. i started kissing her neck, a moan escaping her lips as i did so, our lips connecting as my hands traveled further up her legs, eventually finding their way under her towel before she pulled out of the kiss and slapped my hands away.

"no Justin, not tonight" she spoke up, "i'm going to sleep." she continued, i sighed as she walked towards her suitcase pulling out blue pajama shorts, an old rolling stones t-shirt and turning her back towards me, walking back into the bathroom to get changed leaving me all alone, annoyed at the fact that i had been blown off again. i pulled off my shirt and pants, leaving me in nothing but my boxers, climbed into bed and waited for acelia to come out of the bathroom.

she came out and put her phone on charge before climbing in next to me, no words were spoken as we cuddled next to each other and i slowly fell asleep with her in my arms.

(the next morning)

i woke up to find that acelia had already gotten up without waking me up. i pulled myself together and got out of bed, pulling on trackies, leaving my top half bare and walking out to see Celia lying down on the couch watching spongebob with an empty pizza box on the table opposite her.

"so, you ate without me hey?" she jumped at the sound of my voice, she obviously hadn't heard me walk in. she sat up and turned to face me with a serious look on her face, i instantly became worried about what was about to leave her mouth.

"we need to talk..." she trailed off.

"what about?" i questioned sitting beside her on the couch.

"what happened yesterday.. it can't happen again."

"what, why?"

"because, i don't want our friendship to go to waste because of a stupid relationship." she snapped. "i'm sorry i didn't mean to snap at you like that, i just don't want to lose you because the relationship didn't work out, please understand."

"i do, i wouldn't want that either, you mean to much to me and if i lost you, i don't know what i would do." as much as i wanted to be with her, she was right.

"alright, i'm going to go have a shower." i got up and kissed her on the cheek before leaving the lounge room and entering the bathroom, striping off and turning on the shower. 

Acelia's P.O.V

"alright, i'm going to go have a shower." with that he got up, kissed me on the cheek and left the room.

a couple of minutes had passed and i heard singing coming from the shower, i had never heard justin sing, out of all the years we have known each other. as i got closer, his voice became clearer and clearer, he was singing 'u got it bad' by usher, one of his favorite songs. my jaw dropped as i reached for the door handle and opened it the slightest bit to let his voice surround me and my every thought.

i swung the door open as fast as i could and he stopped as soon as i pulled the shower door open, staring at his tanned chest and waist, v lines and abs, oh my. i snapped myself out of it "JUSTIN, YOU HAVE TO PUT VIDEOS UP ON YOUTUBE." i screamed.

"what why?" he said, grabbing the towel off the rack and putting it around him, blocking my view, i really wish he hadn't done that.

"because, your voice is amazing! you could become famous!" i squealed "just imagine,the crowd screaming your name as you sing on stage."

"your crazy!" he spoke up "but i kind of like the idea of having fans."

"good, so go get dressed and we will make an account as soon as your done!" i ran out of the room, shutting the door behind me.

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