Living Together

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6. Chapter 6

Justin's P.O.V

"You made it, you fix it"

were the last words I said to Acelia before without hesitation ripping off her skinny jeans lowering her down onto the bed, kissing and breathing down her neck.

"God dammit Celia! Why do these jeans have to be so tight? You could at least make my job easier and wear ones that aren't as tight!" I said in frustration struggling to shimmy her jeans off of her.

Her adorable giggle made me smile and giving up on the jean situation I pressed my mouth against hers, slowly moving my tongue up and down the inside of her mouth.
Her kiss was so irresistible, the way she would gently yet so sexily bite my lip and keep me wanting more and more.
I loved the way it felt to have her body moving up against mine, the way she touched me, the way she handled me. Why did I wait this long to do this? To feel such pleasure and satisfaction?

Finally being able to get her pants completely off, I lowered my hand touching her upper thigh, asking for her permission in a way.
"Do it," she whispered in my ear in between pants, "please me."
Keeping her wanting more and making her wait I flipped us around, laying her on her stomach on top of me, rubbing and running my hands up and down her back. I couldn’t spoil the fun now could I? Kissing at her neck a little more, I made my way down her body.
Neck. Breasts. Stomach. Top of the thigh.
Continuing to kiss her pelvis area I placed my hands on her breasts, only to feel her heart speed up.
‘now it's my turn’, I thought to myself.
I grabbed her arms, leaving her wondering what exactly I was planning on doing with them.
Spicing things up a bit, I guided her hands down to the entrance of my boxers. Letting go off her hands and leaving her to finish the job I quickly reached over the bedside table where Acelia had slammed the handcuffs down before our make out session, and handcuffed her hands together to the head of the bed.
“The tables have turned babe.” I proudly said, as I walked out of the bedroom with a smirk on my face.

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