Living Together

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5. Chapter 5

Acelia's P.O.V

i walked into the master suit to get changed, Justin was probably still in the lounge room figuring out how to fix his problem i had recently made.

i decided i would go for a shower and get dressed into something a little more comfier before i order some pizza, i grabbed my suitcase off the floor and placed it neatly on top of the bed, i unzipped it and pulled out a bunch of shit so i could find something comfier to wear. 

"what the fuck?" i muttered to myself as i pulled out a pair of handcuffs with a note tapped to the side of them that read;

"just thought you might need something to spice up your relationship with Justin ;) don't worry i won't tell mom, love your  brother, Nate xo"

i rolled my eyes and tore the note before Justin could've seen it, i smiled at the thought of Nate placing this in my bag when mom wasn't around, where the fuck did he get these anyways?

i jumped as Justin came up behind me hand grabbed my waist.

"ooooohhh, what are you planning on doing here Celia?" he asked picking up the pair of handcuffs that were placed on the bed.

i went to grab it off him but he held his hand above his head, knowing that i couldn't reach it and started laughing as i jumped repeatedly trying to get a hold of it but failed miserably each time.

"that's it." i spoke as i pushed him on to the bed grabbing the cuffs out of is hand.

"am i getting a little preview?" his smirk grew.

at first i didn't understand what he meant but then i looked down to see that i was lying on top of him.

i immediately picked myself up off of him, "what are you doing in here Justin, shouldn't you be fixing the problem in your pants?" i laughed to myself looking down at the massive bulge in his pants i had caused.

he walked towards me until he was inches away from my face, wrapping his arms around my waist once again before continuing on with the conversation, whispering in my ear

"you made it, you fix it."

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