Living Together

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4. Chapter 4


Acelia's P.O.V

i was so caught up in the beauty of our new home that i hadn't realized i was still holding Justin's hand.

i was about to let go when he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and ran into the lounge room. without warning he chucked me on the couch and dropped my bags next to me. "I DIBS THE MASTER SUITE." he screamed and piss bolted out of the room before i could stop him, i can't just let him get away with that.

i could hear him still trying to find the room so decided to get up and run after him. i found him in what looked like the laundry, before i had the chance to stop my self i jumped on his back and wrapped my legs around his waste, i don't know what was going through my mind but i didn't feel like myself. 

i didn't even think for a second before i spoke

"how about we share it." 

as soon as i said that i felt his whole body instantly tense up, he swung me around so i was now facing him in a straddling position, his cheeks where bright red.

before i could process what was going on, he pressed me up against the wall behind me and smashed his lips against mine, i had no idea what is going on, i was so confused that i completely forgot to kiss back which i was probably gonna pay for.

Justin pulled back with a concerned look on his face, placed me back on the floor, quickly turned on his heels and walked back into the lounge room like none of this just happened, like it was nothing...

Justin's P.O.V

she was still on my back, breathing on my neck. i have had enough, i'm gonna put an end to this right now.

i swung her around so that she was now straddling me, i don't think she knew what she was doing to me or how she was making me feel because she had a confused look on her face, but that wasn't going to stop me.

i pressed her body against the wall behind her and connected my lips with hers.

i could tell something was wrong, she wasn't kissing back. i thought we both wanted this? i pulled out of the kiss, furious for making myself look like an idiot, put her down and walked into the lounge room, i think i could have just ruined everything and we haven't even been in New York for a day.

i hadn't realized that she had followed me until she spoke up


"what the fuck was what?" i asked, knowing exactly what she was talking about.

"you kiss me and then walked away like it was nothing?" she spat.

"i kissed you because i thought you wanted it as much as i did, but obviou-" i didn't have a chance to finish my sentence because she pushed me onto the couch and wrapped her legs around me, locking her lips onto mine, somehow this felt right?

her tongue was asking for entrance and i accepted, within a couple of seconds a somewhat passionate kiss turned into a full on make out session.

i have been waiting so many years for this and it was finally happening and it was happening on the day we moved into OUR new apartment, what a coincidence.

she started feeling up and down my legs until she got all the way up, she smirked as she realized the bulge in my pants was growing bigger by the second, i tugged on the top of her jeans, basically asking her to take it off but instead she pulled away, got up and winked at me as she walked out of the room.

"fuuuck" i groaned as i realized i now i have to take care of my problem myself, what a fucking tease.

Acelia's P.O.V

i pushed him back, making him fall on top of the couch, i wrapped my legs around him once again, and kissed him softly but after a while, I got impatient waiting for him to make the next move so i did, the soft passionate kiss was now a heated make out session.

i started rubbing up and down his legs until i reached the top of his pants, i tried so hard not to smile at the fact that his pants were slowly rising each time i did it.

he began to pull at the top of my jeans , practically begging for me to hurry up and take them off, i was about to but i thought i would have some fun, i got up off of him and walked out giving him a wink before i was completely out of his sight.

if there was one thing i knew about Justin, it was that he absolutely hated it when a girl teased him.

he isn't going to get me that easy.

i'm going to make him work for it.

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