Living Together

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3. Chapter 3


Justins P.O.V

"We are now currently arriving at JFK airport in New York City where the current time is 4:37pm and it's Tuesday the 2nd of November."

"Celia, wake up, we are here!" I whispered as I shook her slightly. she had managed to sleep through majority of this flight, I even don't know how that is even possible. I couldn't sleep at all because of my fear of flying, the whole time i was either on my laptop, watching spongebob or listening to music loudly so i couldn't hear the noises and the conversations of other passengers.

"morning." she replied, still a little groggy from her sleep. "what are the plans for today, anything special?" 

"are you being serious or.." i trailed off, she gave me a confused look before i continued "unpacking of course, what else are we going to do loser?" after that i think she realized how stupid her question had been because her cheeks were now red with embarrassment.

"please exit the door nearest to your seats and enjoy your stay in New York City."

finally, i have been waiting for that announcement for 19 hours.


me and acelia both stepped outside of the taxi, looking up and admiring the look of our new home, i don't like to brag but my family is kinda on the wealthy side so they brought me and acelia this apartment and are going to pay the rent and bills until we get jobs and are able to take care of ourselves on our own.

"justin can you please come and help me with these bags?!" she asked. i ran over and grabbed them out of her hands. she reached into my carry on and grabbed the apartment key out. the key card had "level 40. penthouse" spread across the front of it. her mouth immediately dropped at what she had just read, i purposely hadn't told her that we were going to be living in the penthouse because i know she would never had agreed, she would've refused to move. "justin, this is too much, i would've been happy with the apartment on the floor, honestly i owe you and your family enough already." she began. "honestly, my family love you, you're like my sister, just shut up and admit that you can't wait to see it" i laughed.

she started running for the front doors of the building, i quickly caught her already waiting for the elevator. i wasn't going to miss her face when she laid eyes on our new home. she quickly slid the key into the slot and clicked the level 40 button. i could tell she was excited because she could barley stand still.

after what felt like an hour, the elevator finally stopped at our floor. we held hands and our breath as the doors opened  revealing the lounge room and kitchen to our new home.

her face was priceless "it's amazing." acelia admitted, "i really didn't expect this, thank you so much, i owe your family the wor-"

"you don't owe us anything, Celia whats mine is yours." i butted in.

i picked her up and swung her over my shoulder and ran into the lounge room, throwing her on the sofa. before she could manage to say anything, i threw her bags down next to her and screamed "I DIBS THE MASTER SUITE." i started running around trying to find it before she had the chance to.

I heard footsteps on the floorboards behind me and thought nothing of it until i felt the weight of another person on my back. i stopped dead in my tracks as i could feel her hot breath on my neck and her legs wrapped around my waist, i could feel my cheeks burning and my temperature rising as she lent down into my ear and whispered,

"how about we share it."

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