Living Together

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22. Chapter 22

Acelia's P.O.V

i have never been to a concert before so i had no idea what to wear, especially because its usher and justin, i took a shower getting the pancake mixture out of my hair and decided to ask justin once i had the towel firmly wrapped around my body.

"OI JB..." i laughed at the name.

"YES CELIA." he shouted back.

"WHAT DO I WEAR." within minutes there was a knock at the door, "who is it." i asked nicely.

"it's pattie hun, do you need help choosing an outfit." i walked over to the door and allowed her entrance shutting it behind her.

"yes please thank you so much." she laughed at my desperateness and went straight to my closet and pulled out a pair of black shorts, a black singlet, a red flannelette cardigan and black converses, nothing too fancy or formal.

"there hun, it will go with what justin has to wear." and with that she walked out leaving me to get changed by myself which i did in record speed, i was too excited for tonight to waste anytime.

i walked into the bathroom and brushed my long blonde hair and straightened it applying minimum makeup and brushing my teeth, i was finally ready. i walked out into the kitchen to find justin all showered and in his trackies?

"why aren't you dressed?" i asked.

"i have my outfit there already." he chuckled, he pulled me into a bear hug and kissed my neck and trailed up to my face smashing his lips on mine, he pulled out before asking if i was ready to go and of course i said yes, we grabbed my hand and me, him and pattie all walked out of the apartment and down to the limo that was patiently waiting for us.

"are you excited?" justin whispered in my ear.

"im so excited justin omg." i admitted, "how are you feeling?" i asked.

"nervous as ever, but i guess that's normal for someone who's about to perform in front of thousands of people." he chuckled and pattie laughed at his casualness.

"i love you justin, you'll do great." i admitted.

"i love you too acelia and for your sake i hope i do." he kissed my lips lightly. within the hour we were at the arena and hand in hand me and justin walked into the entrance and walked backstage with pattie following us. it was now six thirty and we had half an hour before the show started, i'm so nervous.

Justin's P.O.V

"you ready for the show little man?" usher said walking into my change room, i sighed and took a seat on the couch across the room.

"what if she doesn't like it man?" i spoke.

"i'm sure she'll love it, have you told her that you're pulling her on stage or is that a surprise?" 

"surprise but i just hope she doesn't get angry, she doesn't like being put on the spot in front of people especially thousands." i admitted.

"i'm sure she'll love it, the show starts in five minutes hurry up, that looks good on you." i chuckled, i was wearing a denim vest with red shoulders, a white v-neck, black baggy leather pants and red supras with a black hat.

"dude you sound like a chick." 

"oh em gee no i don't i totes sound like a dude." we both burst out into fits of laughter before security came to escort us to the stage,  

this is it, it's make or break.

the deal was that i had to perform before usher so that his management aka island def jams would see if i was a born performer, usher told me not to worry seeing how he had already seen me singing and loved it, not to sound cocky or anything.

i took a deep breath in, in desperate attempt to calm myself down but i failed miserably. i was shaking uncontrollably, i walked over to the side of the stage and peeked my head out taking in the amount of people that were sitting and waiting for a show.

"in three, two, one." the stage manager came up beside me, the lights were still dim on the stage as he pushed me out so i wasn't visible, i walked over to the middle of the stage and sat on the stool which would be taken by acelia in a moments time. the lights flashed on as the voice of the speakers filled our ears, 'introducing a new star, Justin Bieber.'  holding the microphone to my lips it was as though all my cares in the world were gone and it was just me on stage performing for close friends, i began what i had rehearsed.

i took long strides down the side of the stage where the stairs were that lead directly to the seat celia was placed, she looked at me with her eyes wide like she knew what i had planned.

"acelia jones, would you join me on stage for a moment." i held out my hand for her to take, she gave me the biggest death stare but i just laughed it off. in a matter of seconds we were back on the stage and she was sitting on the stool, the opening part for my new single came on, she looked at me as i started to sing the lyrics.

"Well let me tell you a story
About a girl and a boy
He fell in love with his best friend
When she's around, he feels nothing but joy" her eyes slowly filled with water as i continued on serenading her in front of thousands of people. i mean't everything i sung to her, she is my world.

as the song came to an end she was sitting down crying looking at me in disbelief, my eyes filling up with water also, she stood up and walked over towards me, i took her in my arms and lifter her off the ground, turning around and facing the crowd.

"i love you acelia."

"i love you too justin."

the crowd erupted with aww's making me and her chuckle, unfortunately i still had one more song to perform which i hadn't told anyone about apart from usher.

i placed her on the floor and kissed her sweetly before the dancers carried her off stage and back to her seat, the opening to my other new single 'As Long As You Love Me' started playing.

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