Living Together

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21. Chapter 21


Acelia's P.O.V

i woke up and justin wasn't by my side like he was last night when we fell asleep together, i got up and walked towards the kitchen where i heard his familiar voice speaking to another familiar voice, peering around the corner i saw pattie sitting on the kitchen stool and justin flipping what looked like pancakes in the fry pan he was holding while he was standing their shirtless  they were chatting about how he remembered everything, how it came back.

"so how did it all find it's way back into your brain." pattie laughed taking a sip of the coffee placed in front of her,

"well, me and celia had a fight, she walked out on me and slammed the door just like she had the night at ambrosia and i guess everything came back then." i cringed at the memory of ambrosia and how i treated him like absolute shit. i stepped backwards trying to get back to the room without being noticed but failed when the heel of my foot came in contact with the wall behind me making a loud noise, they both snapped their heads in my direction and i mentally cursed myself for being so fucking clumsy.

"uh-aha hi guys." i chuckled nervously, hoping they hadn't realized i had been eavesdropping all along.

justin placed the fry pan back on the stove and walked over towards me, snaking his hands around my waist and whispering in my ear with his deep raspy voice "has someone been eavesdropping?" i shook my head even though i had, "don't lie to me acelia." he whispered once again., "you know how i feel about liars."

"i-i wasn't e-eavesdropping." i stuttered.

"mhm, sure." he countered.

i pecked his cheek and tried to get out of his hold so i could greet pattie properly but his grip tightened on me, "uh-uh, not until you give me a proper kiss."

"no," i played, he grabbed me and swung we over his shoulder so that i was eye level with his ass, "JUSTIN PUT ME DOWN I'LL GIVE YOU A PROPER KISS." i shrieked and he chuckled.

"no way acelia, it's too late for that, excuse us for a second mom." pattie giggled, and walked into the lounge room and justin started walking in a different direction, my mouth flew wide open once i realized where we were going.

"no no no justin not the bathroom pleaseee." i pleaded, he ran into the bathroom still with me over his shoulder and closed the door behind him, he opened the shower door and placed me inside and before i could run out, he turned the tap and shut the shower door, i was soaked within a matter of seconds.

"JUSTIN YOU ASSHOLE." i screamed as he was on the floor crying with laughter with his foot blocking me from opening the door "i swear to god if this door wasn't in between us i would kill you." i hissed. my threats didn't even affect him, he just pulled out his phone and started taking photos of me standing there looking like a drowned rat.

"justin you better not put that on facebook, twitter or instagram." even though he hasn't released a single or album he was still pretty famous because of usher, he was in the middle of making a single but apparently i wasn't aloud to hear it until it was released to the public.

"i can't make any promises." he said through fits of laughter, i don't think he realized he had taken his foot away from the door so when i opened it his face dropped.

"baby i want a hug." i laughed as he started to run away out the door, i chased after him and caught him in the middle of the kitchen, jumping on his back and throwing my arms and legs around his neck and waist, drenching him along with me.

"karma is a bitch." i laughed.

"i guess you could say that." justin blurted out grabbing the tub of pancake mix from the bench and pouring it all over me causing me to shut my eyes tight.

"you didn't just fucking do that." i said calmly wiping the mixture from my face, he grabbed his phone out of his pocket once more and took a few more photos.

"oh, but i did." he said smiling, proud of what he had just done, while he was typing on the phone i grabbed the container full of flour behind him, took the lid off and tipped it on top of his head. 

"you didn't" he said with a serious tone.

"oh, but i did." i mimicked, he threw his phone on the bench and charged at me with open arms, picking me up and spinning me around, placing me on his hips.

"do i get my kiss now?" he cocked a brow.

"i don't know, i don't think you deserve it." i teased, still dripping all over the floor.

"puh-lease?" he begged.

"only.. if you clean this mess up all by yourself without my help." i bargained.

"anything for a kiss." he breathed as he attached his lips to mine, pushing his tongue inside my mouth without even asking for entrance, tasting every inch of each others mouths before pulling out for air and placing my forehead on his, my hair making a curtain around both of our faces.

"i love you acelia." he breathed.

"i love you justin.. so much." i admitted.

we were both too caught up in each others presence we had completely forgotten about pattie who was now standing in the door way that split off into the lounge room, taking photos of us with her phone.

"you two are so cute." she giggled, putting her phone away.

"mooooommm go awaaaay" justin whined making me chuckle at his childishness. pattie threw her hands up and walked out of the room, justin turned his attention back towards me.

"okay, go take a shower and get ready." he pulled me off of him and placed me on the floor, i furrowed me eyebrows together in confusion.


"did you forget what today is?" justin made his famous pouting face, "it's the release of my first single and i want you to be the first to hear it our of everyone."

"but i thought you wanted me to hear it with everyone else." i questioned.

"you are, but i'm singing it live."

"what do you mean, where are you singing live?" curiosity was getting the best of me.

"oh yeah, i forgot to tell you, i'm opening for usher." he grinned, my mouth dropped wide open and i pushed him away from me.

"why didn't you tell me asshole, why did you keep it from me?"

"because i wanted it to be a surprise now go get ready acelia, i'll have shower in the guest room, moms coming with us."

"how much time do i have to get ready?"

"well you slept away half the day, it's five in the afternoon so about an hour and a half."

"SHIT" i yelled and ran towards the bathroom in order to get ready.

Justin's P.O.V

i'd be lying if i said i wasn't nervous for tonight, i hope she likes the song i wrote for her and the surprise i have in store afterwards.


*sorry if there's spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, i'm too tired to read over.*


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