Living Together

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20. Chapter 20

Acelia's P.O.V

i woke up to a loud bang on the TV, looking beside me i thanked god that josh was still sleeping. the bang must've made justin wake up too because i could hear footsteps coming towards me from the kitchen. i immediately shut my eyes and pretended to be asleep, the last thing i needed was another fight, there was a slight pause for a while until he eventually spoke up, "i love you acelia, i remember you and everything we have been through, i remember all the reasons for why i love you, like the way you bite your lip when you're nervous or the way you push me to do my best or your adorable little giggle that you do and that amazing smile of yours, you always believed in me and you always stuck by my side even when i shut you out, i love you so much but i'm too late i'm sorry, forgive me."

before i knew my eyes shot wide open, he remembered! tears of pure happiness started flowing from my eyes as i pushed joshs arm off from around me and ran towards justin throwing my hands around his neck and pulling him into a massive hug. he remembered everything, he remembered me and everything we have been through.

that means he remembers josh and everything he did to me...

thinking quickly i grabbed justins head in my hands and turned us around so that he was facing the opposite way and not looking straight at the couch with josh sprawled out across it.

"justin you remember everything, im so sorry for what i did to you and what it caused, i never meant for you to leave i was just doing what i thought was best for you." i cried, i thought he would be happy but it turns out he was the exact opposite to what he was when i first started speaking, he pushed me out of his hold.

"how was turning me down in front of a restaurant full of people the best for me, having my heartbroken by the girl i love isn't what i call giving me happiness, explain to me how you thought what you did was the best for me?" he asked, trying hard not to raise his voice because he knew there was someone sleeping behind us but he wasn't quite sure who it was. if he did he would probably be screaming his head off right now.

"justin, i didn't tell you this before but the reason i did it was because scooter told me that if you were single it would help your image as a teen pop sensation, all the girls would love you and all the girls would hate me and i didn't need that and i really wanted your career to work out so i just left you, i really wanted to tell you how i felt about you but i thought it would be better not to, i packed and walked out because i didn't want to stay with the person i love knowing i couldn't have him." i confessed, his eyes widened in disbelief.

"celia, babe you really think i would care what other girls thought of me, the only girl that matters or means anything to me is you and it will always be that way, i would drop everything to be with you, honestly... it's always been you, i can't tell you how jealous i was when you dated josh, every time i saw yous i had this desire to just run up and beat the living shit out of him because of the way he treated you, he didn't deserve you. i deserved you." rubbing his left hand on the back of his neck, he walked over closer to me, until his hands found their way around my waist and his lips found my ear, he whispered with his deep raspy voice, "you know you can have me anytime you want baby, you don't even need to ask. i'm all yours."

i couldn't help myself anymore, I wanted his lips on mine and in a matter of seconds I got what I wanted, he lifted me up off of the ground still with out lips tightly pressed together, I wrapped my legs around his waist in a straddling position and held his face in my hands, butterflies were erupting in my stomach. His tongue grazed the top of my lip asking for entrance which I happily excepted, our tongues fought for dominance and in the end Justin's won. If only it were possible to freeze time or live a moment over and over again, I wanted this to last forever but I knew it had to come to an end sometime soon. i felt him smile into the kiss before pulling out, god damn this boy is a good kisser, I have been missing out these past couple of years. Pressing my forehead to his I placed a small peck on his lips once again.

"I love you Acelia Jones, always have always will." he breathed, a massive grin plastered on his face.

"and I love you Justin Bieber, always have always will." I replied, my smile matched his as we finally heard it come from each others mouths.

"that's all I have ever wanted to hear." this boy meant everything to me and I wasn't about to let anyone ruin what we had, not scooter, not the label, nothing. "be mine, officially?" he asked.

"yes baby" I smiled pressing my lips to his once again, it wasnt intense or anything, just a sweet embrace. 

"you have no idea how happy you have made me tonight."he chuckled me still on his hips.

"and you have no idea how much I love you." I giggled.

"Acelia, mind tell me what's going on here?" both mine and Justin's heads snapped in Josh's direction, I had completely forgot about him and I could tell justin wasn't happy about his presence, he tensed under my arms and let his hold on me go causing me to fall to the floor.

"what are you doing here, josh." justin spat his name in disgust, this is not happening, not after me and justin just got on good terms again.

"Acelia asked me to stay the night... I'm guessing you remember me?" josh questioned knowing he definitely had.

"yeah I remember you and all the pain you caused Celia, how do you live with yourself knowing you let up on the worlds most beautiful girl?" justin snapped, he definitely wasn't happy.

"I couldn't, that's why I came to New York to apologize to her and ask her for another chance but I can see that's not going to happen, I'm sorry for intruding you're a lucky man justin, I'm just gonna go. I don't want to get in the middle of things, sorry Acelia, see you around." He smiled sincerely and walked to the elevator with me by his side, justin was shocked at how mature josh had been. 

"see you around josh." I said hugging him and pecking him on the cheek, "ill visit you in Australia sometime." 

"I'd love that, justin is welcome to too, I can tell you really love him."

"I do, I'm really sorry about tonight I didn't mean for it to go this way.."

"it's okay Acelia, I'm glad it did. Goodbye guys." he waved and walked into the elevator, the doors shutting behind him, finally I'm alone with justin, my boyfriend. I walked back over to him expecting him to be furious but he wasnt, he was happy.

"babe, I think we should go to sleep." he said picking me up bridal style and running towards the master bedroom while I laughed. chucking me on the bed he fell down beside me and pulled the covers over us, wrapping his arm around my waist and nuzzling his head next to mine pecking my nose, "I missed you Celia."

"I missed you too justin, more than anything," I whispered, it was truth and nothing but the truth.

"goodnight beautiful." and with that I felt my eye lids begin to grow heavier and within minutes I was out like a light, asleep in Justin's arms.


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