Living Together

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19. Chapter 19

Justin's P.O.V

everything i said was true, i felt like shit knowing i was the one that was making her upset and thats why i kept my distance from her, i didn't want to see what i was causing her and by shutting her out i didn't realize that i was hurting her more. i feel like the biggest idiot. i could've at least said hi to her when she greeted me, i could've stayed in the master room but i didn't, i left her.

"WELL YOU HAVE A SICK WAY OF SHOWING IT." she screamed at me, grabbing her phone and slamming the door shut to our apartment behind her.

instantly i remembered everything, our child hood and the night in ambrosia like it happened just yesterday, the way i confessed my love to her and she ran out crying like she had just done again, how i came home to find her packing and crying and how i asked for an explanation and she just walked out on me, i remembered being so upset that i decided to leave and stay with my auntie and was driving but i couldn't see the on coming truck because my vision was blurred from the amount of tears leaving my eyes, the next thing i remember is waking up but not having control over my body and acelia balling her eyes out confessing her love to me.

it finally clicked in my head,

she loves me back.

well she did before i chased her away again, why must i be so fucking stupid, i had just lost the girl i love for the second time, good one justin. i went to run and catch up with her but i thought it would be better if i just let her be, not to annoy her again. sighing i picked up my phone, dialing my moms phone number and waiting patiently for her to pick up which she eventually did.

"hello." she spoke.

"mom, i remember everything, but i lost acelia again, i don't know what's wrong with me, why do i keep pushing her away?" i sobbed, "i love her mom... i love her more than anything."

Acelia's P.O.V

justin's never going to remember me, he's never going to love me again so i should just give up now, there's no use. opening the door to the local starbucks, i walked over to the counter and rang the bell, waiting for the worker to come and take my order.

"hi, how may i help you?" the little female voice spoke up.

"uh, yeah just a white chocolate mocha please." i was a sucker for white chocolate, it always made me feel better somehow.

"okay, that will be eight dollars please." i looked down at my iphone case/wallet, i was a dollar short.

"i'm sorry i don't have enough, don't worry abou-"

"here, it's on me." a deep voice came from beside me, he placed a ten dollar note on the counter, "keep the change." i still hadn't looked up at him as i spoke "are you sure?"

"it's the least i could do acelia jones." my head shot up as he mentioned my name, how did he know who i was? was he stalking me. 

i froze under his gaze.

what the fuck is he doing here in new york and why did i have to bump into him tonight out of all nights.

"j-josh?" i gulped loudly, praying to god i had got it wrong and he actually was a stalker that looked freakishly like my ex.

"acelia, i know you hate me but let me buy you this coffee and sit down with me so i can explain myself, please." he begged.

"what's there to explain josh, you walked out on me when you though i was pregnant, you were willing to leave me by myself with your child." i whisper-shrieked.

"acelia, please just hear me out." he whined, i just nodded my head and gave in because i knew he wasn't going to stop until i did, i knew him like the back of my hand. the girl passed me my order and we headed up the back of the restaurant and sat down.

"so, are you going to 'explain' yourself josh, or are you just going to up and leave me again." i spat.

"acelia, i didn't want to leave you, i really didn't. i was willing to take care of our child and drop out of school to take on a full time job so we could pay for the babies needs but my mother told me that if i did that she would disown me and kick me out on the street and i know your mother didn't approve of me so i knew i wasn't going to be able to stay at your house, i only had you and justin remember and i knew if i wanted to stay with justin i would have to tell him the whole story and i probably would've ended up dead," he sighed fiddling with his fingers on the table , "i wanted to tell you but i thought it was safer if i didn't so i put on a jerk attitude and told you that i didn't want to look after it and i didn't want to be a father. that night i cried myself to sleep because i loved you and i lost you." a tear slid down my cheek as the memory of that night and the pain he caused me was fresh in my mind.

"then why are you in new york." i whispered.

"i want a second chance... i went to your house and asked to see you but your mom told me you had moved to new york, i couldn't live with myself if i never got to at least apologize to you so i chased you out here i arrived a week ago, i have an apartment here and i have been searching everywhere for you, every time i went to the apartment your mom had given me, you were never there, just justin. your mom told me he has amnesia so i just left without trying to ask him anything about that night, i was lucky enough to run into you here though." he smiled, "i understand if you don't want to give me a second chance because i know i don't deserve it, but at least i can live knowing i tried."

"josh, i forgive you, the past is the past, we were stupid." i blurted, i had finished my drink while he was talking, "walk me home?" he nodded his head, his face lit up after my apology. after walking and talking about what we were planning to do now that we were on good terms, i told him that i wanted to get to know the new him before i gave him a second chance, he took what i gave him without a complaint, i could't help but feel like i was falling for him again, you can't blame me though he was my first love, you never forget your first love, it's not like we had just met or anything so it was perfectly normal, right?

moment's later we arrived at mine and justin's apartment.

"stay the night?" i asked.

"are you sure it's okay?"

"yeah it's fine, justin wont remember you and by the looks off all the lights being turned off, he's asleep." he smiled.

"well okay then, lets go." i took his hand in mine and walked into the lobby, waited patiently for the elevator to stop at our floor, the elevator ride was awkward but it was cut short when the doors opened revealing our living room.

"do you just want to watch a movie or something?" i asked, he nodded his head and headed towards the couch while i grabbed the blankets and pillows off of my bed and dragged them out to the lounge room placing them on the couch making it ten times comfier for me and josh to sleep on, i turned on the tv and 'ten things i hate about you' was on.

josh lied down on his side and patted the spot beside him basically asking me to sleep next to him, i nodded my head and fell down beside him, he put the blanket over my body and wrapped his arm around my waist, we fell asleep almost instantly.

Justin's P.O.V

i woke up to the TV going which meant acelia was home, putting a top on and a pair of trackies, i walked out into the lounge room, excited to tell her that i remembered everything and that i loved her more than i had before this whole incident because she stuck beside me even though i shut her out.

my feet stopped instantly below me once i caught sight of her sleeping with some guys arm wrapped around her waist, i refused to move closer and see who it was because i knew that would only bring me to tears, instead i leaned against the door frame and watched her chest move up and down for a while, she looked so happy and peaceful but she wasn't mine anymore, i had lost her completely. water started building in my eyes, as i spoke up;

"i love you acelia, i remember you and everything we have been through, i remember all the reasons for why i love you, like the way you bite your lip when you're nervous or the way you push me to do my best or your adorable little giggle that you do and that amazing smile of yours, you always believed in me and you always stuck by my side even when i shut you out, i love you so much but i'm too late i'm sorry, forgive me."


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