Living Together

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17. Chapter 17

Justin's P.O.V
"what's not his fault?" my eyes turned to the small unfamiliar female at the entrance of the door, acelia's head snapped and her eyes widened, all color drained from her face, it was like she had seen a ghost.
"hi pattie," she spoke, getting up and walking towards her embracing her in a hug, the woman named pattie spoke up again "hey darl, it's good to see justin's okay, but do you mind telling me what happened?", acelia's body froze instantly at pattie question, i decided to speak up and immediately get the attention off acelia, i knew she wouldn't be strong enough to tell the story again, i saw how much it hurt her when she was explaining it to me.
"who are you?" i asked, pattie eyes were on me in seconds she loosened her grip on her bags and they came in contact with the floor, her jaw flew wide open, shaking hands were now covering her mouth and tears threatening to fall.
"justin.." she looked at acelia with disbelief in her eyes, "acelia, stop this joke right now.", acelia just shook her head indicating that this wasn't a joke, they were both crying now.
"ACELIA WHAT HAPPENED WHY CAN'T HE REMEMBER HIS OWN MOTHER, WHAT DID YOU DO?" she screamed running over to me, grabbing my hand in hers, "hun it's your mom,"

i finally pieced it together, this is the woman acelia had told me about, my mom.

guilt built up inside of me as i realized i had no memory of my mother or my father, i had  no memory of who i was, my life was a big blurr.
"i'm sorry mom, i can't remember anything i wish i could..." i trailed off debating whether i should ask the question that was playing on my mind, it slipped out before i could think about the outcome , "where's dad?"
right then it looked like her heart had stopped completely, she turned white and her whole body stiffened, if it wasn't for her heavy breathing i could have sworn she was dead.
"i'll just leave yous alone for a while." acelia spoke up while walking out of the door, patties eyes immediately shot up from the floor as the sound of the door shut rang through the room, you could tell she was hurt, "truth is, i don't know where he is justin, one night i was lying beside him, and then the next day i woke up to you screaming and crying, he was gone all he left was a note that told me he was going off to work..." she trailed off, she gulped loudly like she was nervous to see how i would react to what she was going to tell me next, "a couple of months later, after your second birthday two military men greeted me at the door with a letter in their hands giving me their condolences, i didn't even have to open the note to know that your dad was gone but i did anyways because something inside me refused to b-believe it," she was stuttering now, tears falling uncontrollably as she spoke, "instead of being claimed dead at the scene, he went missing in action so there's still hope, but i stopped thinking that he was going to come back on your tenth birthday, no sign, no nothing, just me, you and your grandparents." i whipped the tears that had fallen off her cheeks and opened my arms for a hug, she accepted and fell apart under my hold.
i felt so guilty, i wanted to remember her and i was trying so hard but nothing came to mind.
"justin, i know you can't remember but me and your father were very much in love and we both loved you, especially your father. there was nothing he hated more then leaving you and me behind for work. i remember when you and your dad always went to the field every sunday without fail just to practice soccer, you always came home with every inch of you covered in dirt or mud and me and your dad would have a screaming match and he promised me you's wouldn't come home like that again yet you always did." she smiled at the memory, like she remembered it clearly, i smiled back at the thought.
"do you miss him?" i asked.
"i miss him so much it hurts.. more and more each day." she admitted  a yawn escaped my mouth, although i had been out of it for ages, it felt like i hadn't had a wink of sleep in a week. "i'll let you get some sleep okay hun, you need rest to get better, i love you justin and thats one thing you should never forget."
"i love you too mom," even though i couldn't remember her, i still loved her. she stood up from her chair, kissed me on the forehead before walking out. i closed my eyes and in an instant, i was at peace, asleep at last.
Acelia's P.O.V
half an hour passed until pattie finally walked out of justins room, she had red puffy eyes and tear stained cheeks, i opened my arms for a hug, i so desperately wanted to comfort her but she turn it down, "tell me everything that happened acelia, i want to know every last detail." she whispered, i didn't hesitate to tell her and i told her everything even about scooter, i told her how i loved her son with all my heart and that if i could i would go back to when we were sitting in the restaurant and i would confess my love to him also. she turned around and started walking towards the waiting room, realization hit me as soon as she was out of my sight, she was going to find scooter.
i ran down the halls trying to get there before her and try to stop her from doing something she would regret but i was too late, "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, TELLING PEOPLE WHO THEY CAN AND CANT LOVE AND WHAT THEY CAN AND CAN'T DO." she screamed right in scooters face, she wasnt holding back, he was speechless and so was usher and hannah. "it's because of you i almost lost the most important person in my life and what for?... just so you could get a few measly dollars in your wallet. you make me sick." she spat.
"look i didn't mean for it to end up like this, i just wanted the best for his career." he spoke up after a few awkward minutes of silence.
"and by doing that you have to get involved in his personal life, im sure people would have loved him for who he was and not for who he was dating." pattie was furious, i had never seen her like this before, she was normally so sweet and kind and quiet this was like a whole new person. scooter didn't say anything because he knew she was right, "i don't want you near my son again, you hear me?" she said pointing a stern finger in front of his face.
he nodded his head and walked straight out of the room, usher walked up to pattie and hugged her while whispering soothing things into her ear, "if you wouldn't mind ma'am i would really like to stay here for my little man, just to make sure hes okay?" he asked as he pulled out of the hug, pattie just nodded and then took a seat.

a couple of minutes after the whole incident with scooter, a doctor walked in.
"i would just like to inform you that justin will be able to leave and go home in the next week or so, he's recovering rapidly." she smiled before walking out.
"pattie, do you mind if justin stays in our apartment, you can stay there too if you would like?" i asked, i wanted to spend more time with justin and i wanted to see if the apartment would bring back any memories of the night this thing happened.
"sure darl, no problem." she smiled sincerely, "i'll be staying at his aunts house so i wont need to intrude, thank you for the offer." 
"thank you and anytime pattie," i replied, i just hope justin agree's to this...

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