Living Together

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16. Chapter 16

Acelia's P.O.V

"that's not funny justin." i said, pulling out of the hug outraged that he would even think of playing such a prank after his accident.

"i'm sorry but i don't know who this justin is and quite frankly i don't even know who you are so do you mind backing up a bit." his voice harsh.

"justin stop it, i almost lost you today don't you think i am stressed out enough already." i half screamed, i wasn't dealing well with all of this i just needed him to tell me he loved me and that everything was going to be okay and for him to hold me in his arms.

"look, i have no idea who you are, i am not this justin person so please leave before i call a nurse to escort you out." he spat, i was taken back by his harsh tone, it was the first justin had been like this towards me apart from when he kissed me the first day in the apartment, i stood up from the bed and went to walk out with tears brimming my eyes, i hadn't realized hannah was standing there watching.

"what is going on?" i cried running into her arms.

"he's got amnesia, acelia, he can't remember anything and they are not sure if he will ever regain his memory. i'm so sorry." sincerity in her voice as she spoke.

"c-can he remember anything?"

"no, nothing." i cringed at her words, knowing that meant he didn't remember everything we had been through. i looked back over my shoulder to see justin eyeing us with a confused look on his face.

"can i have another minute alone with him please?" she nodded her head in response before walking out without another word, i took a seat in the chair i had previously been in, "Uh, i don't know how to tell you this or if anyone has told you this but... you were in a car accident which caused you to be immediately admitted to a hospital where they took you into surgery and you slipped into a coma, then you flat lined and while they were reviving you, you lost your memory. i know this is a shitload to take in but you have to trust that what i just said is the truth." i rushed the words out like it was a matter of life and death, looking back up at him i could tell that he was confused which tore me up inside because that meant if he had really lost his memory, he had no idea how much he meant to me, he wouldn't even remember when he told me he loved me.

"if this is true, tell me more about myself... and you." he spoke up.

"well, my name is Acelia Rosan Jones, your name is Justin Drew Bieber, you grew up in Victoria, Australia with your mom Pattie Mallette, your dad left yous when you were young, i never really knew him because i never met him and neither you or your mom ever spoke much of him, you love to dance and sing and you're really good at both, you're hilarious and cute and adorable, you have an obsession with beyonce but i cant really blame you because she is perfection," i giggled, "but even though i have known you for years, there's still things that i don't know about you."

"you and I met in kindergarten, i remember it like it was just yesterday, i remember you standing there constantly looking at me and then one day you finally came up to me and told me that you liked me and ran off crying for no reason" i smiled at the memory, "we've been inseparable ever since, we were there for each other through thick and thin, yeah we fought but we could never stay mad at each other for too long, you are like my second half. in freshman year you had this crazy idea of us moving to New York City and living in an apartment together, we never thought we'd actually go through with it but we did... and now here we are."

"i don't want to talk to much about this but the other night, you confessed your love for me and i didn't handle it too well" i couldn't tell him it was because of scooter, i wasn't in the mood to go into full detail so i just kept it short even if it meant it made me look like the bad guy, "i left you in the restaurant without an explanation and stayed with han, you ran away and while you were on the way to your aunts, you got involved in a car accident, i found out when i went back to our apartment after i spent the night with hannah, i came to tell you i was sorry and i came to tell you i loved you too... but you weren't there." a tear escaped my eye as i reminisced on the memory, "the police came to our front door and informed me on your current position, i blacked out justin, i couldn't handle the thought of you leaving me by myself for the rest of my life because i truly love you and i always will even if you don't remember anything we have been through." i cried, tears evident in mine and his eyes when the words left my mouth.

"i'm sorry... i wish i could remember, but i can't." he spoke, unsure of what to say to me.

"it's okay, it's not your fault."

"what's not his fault?" a female voice spoke from the entrance of the room, my head snapped in her direction, my eyes widened at the small petite figure standing in front of me, she was early.

"hi pattie," i sighed, standing up to give her a hug that she gladly returned.

"hey darl, it good to see justin's okay, but do you mind telling me what happened?" i couldn't keep this from her anymore, i was the one that had to tell her everything and there was no getting out of it, i wonder how she is going to take it.

before i could open my mouth to tell her everything, the worst thing i could possibly think of happened.. justin spoke.

"who are you?" he asked, i looked at patties face hoping she hadn't caught on.

she had.

she was horrified.

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